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The Republic of Queerland welcomes you. Our republic is home to the majestic city of Howly, the quaint island town of Wolfville, and many loveable citizens.

An image of Zepeto characters of Jase, Jasja and friends

The Residents

Server Features

  • Based on Glitch-Soc fork.
  • 1000 character limit for profile bios.
  • 100,000 character limit for posts, aka toots.
  • 200 character limit for display names.
  • Ability to pin up to 12 posts on your profile.
  • Ability to create up to 20 profile metadata entries.
  • Ability to create polls with up to 20 choices.
  • Post editing is enabled.
  • Custom profile designs, with auto backgrounds based on your cover image.
  • User specific public profile custom CSS capabilities available on request.
  • Profile bio audio player available on request.
  • Extra picture/graphic for your profile at the bottom of your bio.
  • Blocks a lot of shit you don't want to see.. (1000+ instances are blocked).
  • Ran by queerwolves.

Server Rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

General Rules

  1. Respect: No hate speech, harassment, trolling, dogpiling, doxing, transphobia, homophobia, aphobia, ableism, racism, sexism or xenophobia will be tolerated.
  2. Age: You must be 16 years or older, regardless of location.
  3. Sensitive Content and Media: Sensitive filters/content warnings must be used for anything that may be sensitive/discomforting to others, such as, but not limited to:

    - Flashing imagery,
    - Selfies, especially featuring eye contact,
    - Food/Drinks,
    - Religious content, especially with Christian imagery,
    - Creepy imagery such as horror/distorted AI imagery,
    - Bugs/insects/Arachnids,
    - Needles/blades/weaponry,
    - Anxiety inducing imagery such as heights,
    - Sensitive topics like mental health, politics, violence etc,
    - Lewd/mature themed posts.

    Generally, if someone is asking for you to use a content warning for something, please do. Listen to them, and keep this a safe place. Don't shame others for their triggers.
  4. Explicit Content: Sexually or violently explicit content is forbidden. What you share and what you post can have mature themes by all means but it must not be graphic, it must be behind a content warning/marked as sensitive, must be legal and of good faith.
  5. No illegal content, spam or advertising.
  6. Language: Please mainly post in English. I'm not stopping you entirely, and you may want to engage and share content not in English. That's fine as I can translate things. But you need to be posting mainly in English please.
  7. Free Speech is not freedom from consequence. I will censor and cancel you, whether you’re an instance member or not, if you are an unfavorable “politically incorrect” person. This is not the instance for you.
  8. Refer to people correctly. Respect how people want to be referred as. If they/them as personal pronouns are alien to you, please do catch up! And don't refer to everyone by they/them if they don't go by such. Respect people's neopronouns too! Avoiding or refusing is just misgendering!
  9. Trans Rights Are Human Rights. If you are a TERF, crawl your way back to Rowling's castle as that's the only place you belong.
  10. Aphobia is a-not-ok. Do not invalidate ace or aro folk, or anyone of any good faith attraction/orientation. Invalidating micro-labels also are not on.
  11. All good faith identities are valid. You may not understand them, but at the very least have respect and do not gatekeep.

    BLERFs, get out of here with your TERF rewritten talking points about bi-lesbians and mspec-lesbians. You too go crawl your way over to Rowling like the TERFs! Stop including non-binary people into attraction you deny is mspec! We aren't women-lite! We are many genders.
  12. Don't be ableist. Ableism of any kind will not happen here. Neurodiverse folks are welcome here. Sysmeds and anti-self diagnosis bigots are not welcome.

    People know themselves a lot more you ever will. Trust them in that rather than invalidate their reality. Why would you rather invalidate everyone who aren't making it up just so you can save yourself from believing the few that are? It is not your call to make!
  13. Fascism & Nationalism: There's plenty of ways to take pride in where you are from, such as one's culture, without doing nothing but endorsing the unjustifiable actions of said country. You cannot say you're against war, then act neutral to it and endorse said war through actions because you still believe your leader is a saint.

    Slavi Ukraini.
    Free Palestine.
    End all war.

Profile Customisation

  1. CSS: The ability to customise one’s profile’s CSS can be provided upon request, however I will revoke that ability if it’s been done in poor taste or is inaccessible. It must be responsive. JS & HTML are not an option, and all media used must be uploaded here appropriately sized.
  2. Audio Player: Users can have an audio player added to the top of their public profile's bio upon request. This will not autoplay upon visiting the profile though. Audio of poor taste that will cause discomfort will not be allowed.


  1. Custom fonts: In this context, I'm speaking about the non-ASCII based custom fonts that are able to be used anywhere. These are hugely inaccessible to people using screen readers. Despite that translators tend to be perfectly capable of recognising what the custom fonts say, screen readers on the other hand either output the random garbage which create those fonts, or ignore them entirely. Please do not use these fonts.
  2. Emojis: Excessive use of emojis is a huge problem because if the same emoji is repeated multiple times, screen readers will repeat that emoji each time. It's ridiculous they can't just say XX emojis, such as "5 yellow hearts" instead of saying "yellow heart" 5 times.

    Mastodon does implement emojis as SVGs on desktop, which screen readers therefore entirely ignore. But mobile apps still use the original emojis, therefore the same problem still applies with excessive emojis. Please be reasonable with emoji use.
  3. Capitalisation: Screen readers register capitals as the beginning of new words, in order to be able to sense when MultipleWordsHaveBeenJoined. Please ensure you capitalise hashtags, and don't use capitalisation improperly as part of sarcastic messages. That is what tone tags are for.
  4. Tone tags: Tone tags are extremely useful for everyone, but are crucial to many neurodivergent folks to be able to understand tone in written text.
    See here for a useful Carrd on how to use tone tags.
  5. Flashing Imagery, or rapidly changing imagery, even the tiniest amount, can be at the very least extremely discomforting. Please keep this a safe and accessible place by using content warnings and DO NOT edit your profile consisting of such imagery.
  6. Jump Scares: I won't tell you I don't find some funny, but please, keep them off of this instance, or use a content warning at the very least.
  7. Media captions: Please ensure you caption image/video/audio attachments on your posts. This is crucial for accessibility, as well as being there to let a person know what something behind a sensitive filter is before being subjected to it. And captions otherwise are just extremely useful for everyone.

Banned content

  1. Dream Stans: I won't say you are awful for liking Dream's content. But with the amount of stans that are blatantly queerphobic and ableist, if you're a self-proclaimed stan of his, this is not the place for you.
  2. Pepe the Frog: The creator never intended for Pepe to be used for hate speech by neo-nazis. However, he is, or otherwise by trolls anyway. Do not use him on this instance.
  3. NFTs and Cryptocurrencies: So much harm to the environment is caused as a result of the recklessly wasted energy due to mining. Keep that off of this instance thanks.
  4. Badly drawn NFT monkey: I consider that monkey indifferent to Pepe. The amount of times I've seen neo-nazi edits of that monkey, it's ridiculous, plus you're majority just trolls anyway. Consider yourself blocked.
  5. Odysee/Lbry: Usage of Odysee and the Lbry platform I consider as an endorsement of the rampant hate speech and disinformation that is spread like fire on there, and the alt-right developers who run the platform. It's a shame, as it's a wasted potential the Odysee software. But there's mostly only two groups of people on there.. the alt-right and those who choose to ignore or deny the harm caused by the lack of moderation on what isn't really a decentralised platform.


"Cross-posting" is the automatic copying of posts from one platform to another.

If you use an app, like Twidere or PostyBirb, that lets you simultaneously post to both Twitter and Mastodon, that's completely fine.
But if you use an automated cross-poster, the following applies:

Cross-posting from this Mastodon instance to other platforms is fully permitted.
Cross-posting into this Mastodon instance from another platform is generally forbidden.

If you cross-post from here to Twitter and want to share tweets here with commentary that cross-posts effectively as quote retweets, that's completely fine though.

I simply do not want to see people having 95% of their posts here being cross-posts from Twitter, and then no interaction happening here.

About this Social Network

What is Mastodon?

This social networking website runs on a free and open-source software project named Mastodon. Mastodon is a decentralised federated alternative to platforms such as Twitter. Each Mastodon website is what's known as an instance, or a server.

You join one, and you can either just interact with the local community on that instance, or you can interact with a bigger community across a whole range of instances that together form what is known as the Fediverse.

What is the Fediverse?

Mastodon runs on the decentralised social networking protocol ActivityPub, along with a wide range of other free and open source software projects such as Misskey, PixelFed, Akkoma (Pleroma fork), Hubzilla, Peertube, Friendica, GoToSocial, Lemmy, Bookwyrm, Castopod, OwnCast, WriteFreely, Plume & even an ActivityPub WordPress plugin.

There also is GNU Social, though that consists of an outdated ActivityPub implementation apparently.

These projects all have different focuses and features. While Mastodon is similar to Twitter, PixelFed is similar to Instagram, Friendica is similar to Facebook, Peertube is similar to YouTube, Lemmy is similar to Reddit, Bookwyrm is similar to Goodreads, Castopod is for podcasts, OwnCast is similar to Twitch, and WriteFreely is a blogging platform that Write.as runs on.

Yet despite all these differences and focuses of each project, users on one are able to communicate with users on another. It's really clever.

What is Decentralisation?

Mainstream social networks are single centralised platforms ran by one company you are locked into. They don't offer a way to cross-communicate such as communicating with someone on Instagram from Twitter. You have to use the particular platform for that.

Decentralised ones on the other hand are not single platforms ran by one ruling party. They are ran by many different parties, on many different servers, with their own goals and rules in mind.

Aren't these just alternatives for the alt-right?

They sadly can and indeed do benefit from this decentralised design. Being banned from one instance doesn't stop someone from joining another, or hosting their own. The fediverse is a wild-west if instances don't moderate what other instances are allowed to interact with theirs.

But the saving grace here with the fediverse is that admins can mute or block other instances from interacting with their own, you can as a user block instance domains as well as individual users, and you are more likely to have a personal human connection to those running the instance you are on.

It can and does result in a much friendlier environment than a single platform with billions of accounts that are just impossible to moderate half decently. There are also some very nice privacy options that you don't get with mainstream social media.

Yes, with more freedom comes those that abuse it. But if that freedom provides the tools to block all of that out, then that freedom can offer a safe space that is just almost impossible on other platforms in today's climate.

It only adds to that when the developers and the hosts of many major instances prioritise being an inclusive and safe space for queer and neurodiverse people. It does make sense considering so much of the friendly fediverse community came about from Trump's rise to the spotlight on Twitter back in 2016/17.

What other instances are there?

Absolutely 1000s. It's always growing. I first came across Mstdn.social. I used to completely recommend this, and it's still an okay instance, but I'm not friends with Stux, the admin, anymore unfortunately. The main reason I'm hosting my own instance though rather than be settled on one ran by someone else such as Mstdn is because I wanted to be able to customise everything.

Stux also runs Mastodon.coffee if you would appreciate a smaller, quieter instance. Alternatively, if Misskey is more of your fancy, there's Misskey.ai, and Pixey.org for PixelFed.

There's the official Mastodon instances Mastodon.Social, Mastodon.Online and PixelFed instance PixelFed.social.
Be advised, moderation isn't so great on these instances due to their size, plus mastodon.online harbours 8chan founder Fredrick Brennan, so I'd steer clear of that shit.

There's Tech.lgbt, and Queer.Party, which are queer focused instances. Then there's Mastodon.Art for well... art.

Besides this, there's just far too much instances out there to list. Find one with good rules, that proactively blocks the wild west of the fediverse, that has a focus to what your interests are, and you hopefully will be opened to an amazing experience.

Don't feel you belong on one instance? Well there's so much other options out there. You can easily export your data, and transfer one account's followers to an account on another instance, at least with Mastodon. Whether you want to delete the old account or leave it up as a redirect is entirely up to you.

What about account verification?

You will see across the fediverse that so much accounts have a blue tick in their display name. This is nothing more than a custom emoji that anyone can have. It is not a way to know if an account is legit.

If someone runs their own instance, make sure that the domain actually is real, works, and goes to that instance. If it doesn't, someone possibly is pretending to be that domain.

Mastodon has the ability to let you verify you are the owner of the links in your profile metadata. This consists of the linked website(s) containing a link back to your profile with a rel="me" attribute. This can be a hidden link, and you can have multiple if you have multiple accounts. This is the only valid method of confirming an account is legit, as long as the domain, and/or website is in the right hands that is.

Should I create my own instance?

Running your own instance, that's using your own domain and is personalised to how you want it, is awesome. But before I recommend you run your own instance, here's safety reasons I recommend not to:

You need to manage, and keep your instance and server up to date.

  • Instances may block you if your instance is very out of date with known vulnerabilities.
  • Hosting costs money, more so if you use managed hosting that does the heavy lifting for you.
  • If self-hosting at home, you need to have a static IP address. Dynamic DNS services can result in other instances blocking.
  • You should have a paid domain. Free domains are untrustworthy and may result in other instances blocking. Same applies if you just use an IP address.

You want to keep under the radar and not be exposed to the alt-right.

Hosting an instance, subscribing to relays and federating with the fediverse includes federating with the alt-right.

You can easily block these instances from federating with you, and it's extremely recommended to do so. But by blocking these instances who do know about your existence, they will know you have blocked them.

These instances create target lists and shout outs to their social circle of who block them. You should therefore be prepared for some abuse in your mentions by instances you've yet to block.

Blocking out abuse on the fediverse is so much easier than mainstream social media, due to being able to block entire instances instead of only individual users. This can generally result in you only needing to deal with abuse for a day or so compared to a couple weeks.

But this abuse, that can happen for simply just blocking, you are unlikely to receive as a regular user where you may be one among 100s or 1000s with your account unlisted from the instance's profile directory, aka public listing. The chances of these alt-right instances knowing of your existence is just extremely low and nothing like running your own instance.

Whenever you are receiving abuse, please simply block and try to refrain from giving them the satisfaction they crave that they are getting to you. They will just continue.

Ensure you report abuse too to your instance admin. Though if you can see the instance in question, that the abuse is coming from, is the abuser itself, forwarding the report to that instance may not be a good idea. Reports to other instances are anonymous, but if it's targeted abuse specifically to you, they may figure out who it is and be motivated to continue by using other instances.

Take advantage of the post privacy options offered by fediverse software if you want to alert on what's happening. But be warned, a malicuous instance can disregard the privacy and make any post public if a user of theirs is a recipent of said post. I cannot recommend it enough to have follow requests enabled on your account(s) to prevent bad actors from following. You can still post publicly despite this.

Things may sound doom and gloom from this. But the fediverse is generally a much friendlier place than mainstream social media, again due to the fact that you have more useful privacy and blocking options at your disposal. But running your own instance just simply isn't suitable, viable or safe for everyone. Do not blindly recommend and tell people it's easy and that anyone can do it. Remember, not everyone is tech savvy, or able to deal with the pressure involved that just wouldn't exist as a regular user staying under the radar.

If you are someone that wants to go ahead and run an instance though, you know what you're signing up to, then I highly recommend it. You can create a lovely personal, fun and safe space, and do much more being in control, such as customising the character limit of posts and bios, using a fork and whatever customisations you like.

There's just so much fun that can be had out of running your own instance with the software of your choice. But again, please don't underestimate how much shit is out there on the fediverse. As someone hosting, if you don't block, or at least reject media from, malicious instances, it could land you in legal trouble if anything illegal is in the database/cache due to these bad actors.

Have fun on the fedi, but be safe.

Mobile/Desktop Apps & Front-ends

Thanks to Mastodon's open API, there are a wide range of apps available from third-party developers. On Android, Tusky is a clear favourite. On iOS, Metatext is a favourite. On mobile and web, Elk & Pinafore are two great choices.

Mastodon also has an official app for both iOS and Android but it is not listed here as it's not great and controversial choices have been made with it. Fedilab is a popular app also not listed here, as the devs made a bad move a few years back I can't support. Cuckoo+, a Google+ style web app, is not listed as it's tied to an instance notorious for CSAM. tooot is not listed either as it sends requests from your device to originating instances to get more complete reply threads and post info, bypassing instance blocks in the process which is unsafe. Mammoth and the former abandoned paid app Mast are not listed for the same reasons as tooot, same for Sengi too. Tusky, Metatext, Elk, & Pinafore are my recommendations.





Additional apps not listed above may be available here..

Alternative Privacy Front-ends

Many people on the fediverse are here to escape using privacy invading services. It's appreciated to at least also link to a privacy frontend instance when you create posts linking to said place if possible. See below a list of links you can use.

  • Nitter.hwl.li - Nitter for Twitter.
  • Teddit.hwl.li - Teddit for Reddit.
  • Leddit.hwl.li - Libreddit for Reddit.
  • Piped.hwl.li - Piped for YouTube.
  • Invid.hwl.li - Invidious for YouTube.
  • Proxytok.hwl.li - Proxitok for Tiktok.
  • Luora.hwl.li - Quetre for Quora.
  • Wikiless.hwl.li - Wikiless for Wikipedia.
  • Lmdb.hwl.li - Libremdb for IMDb.
  • Search.hwl.li - SearXNG for search engines.

  • All these front-ends use the same URL path format as the service's normal domains, so all you need to change is the domain part.. Make sure it isn't a shortened link though such as with Tiktok share links.

    There is sadly nothing that works any longer for Facebook or Insta as they're pains in the ass.

    Disclaimer: these links are just wildcard redirects to public instances I use, but do not run. Use the original instance domains if you fancy, though if one goes down, I can easily update the redirect to another live instance with my links.

    How to sign up

    Signing up to this instance is by invite only. If you would like an invite and I know you, please contact me.


    Block policy

    Besides what should be the obvious, such as bigotry, harassment, illegal content, and most things from this instance's rules, here are some reasons that will result in an instance suspension..

    1. "Free Speech" instances.
    2. Interacts/associates with bad acting instances.
    3. Crypto, spam, scams, data scraping/archiving.
    4. Usage/hosting of blocklist scrapers.
    5. Soapbox instances. Soapbox is a fork of Gab's front-end, created initially for Spinster, by Alex Gleason, a notable transphobe. Use of that software just speaks that you value prettiness over not endorsing software by vile people.
    6. Cloudflare Wildebeest instances. Just eww. It's bad enough using their free DNS and tunneling, but having your whole instance hosting on and paying using their software and services, seriously?
    7. Nasty/undesirable emojis. Please pay attention to the emojis you import onto your instance. Emojis with blood, with guns at heads and such are ridiculous to have.
    8. Inaccessible CSS/theme. From causing things to be extremely hard to read, to being seizure inducing, it's either absolutely thoughtless, or malicious.
    9. Free domains. Freenom domains, with the extensions .ml, .tk, .ga, .gq, .cf, can be taken away at any time for any reason. They are also not really trustful due to being very easy to get, and used a lot to block evade.
    10. Dynamic DNS. Servers are very liable of going down a lot when using dynamic dns servies, causing problems for federation. They also, like free domains, are usually free, aren't very trustful, and used a lot to block evade.
    11. Tor2Web Proxies. These are used by dark web instances to mass block evade.
    12. Running on just an IP. Again, same as above, it's not trusful, and used a lot to block evade.
    13. Very outdated software. Keeping an instance running on very outdated software is an extremely bad idea. It puts at jeopardy the security and privacy of users, the server it runs on, visitors, and users interacting from other instances.
    14. Locked down F.E. There's many valid reasons you may lock down your front-end, but it blocks being able to vet instances, and so I deem them untrustful.
    15. Federates with bad acting instances. This would be endless, but generally if your instance I notice is at least federating with the worst offenders, it's a block.
    16. Admins ranting/shitposting against fediblocking. It's a pretty weird hill to die on that, and it just speaks toxicity to me.
    17. Depressing domain names. These shouldn't need to get a suspension for this alone, a silence should be all that's needed to remove from public timelines. But that's all good until someone boosts. So they unfortunately are getting suspended too for this reason because Mastodon's silencing sucks.
    18. Twitter bridges. Not calling them bad, just simply have no reason to federate with them.
    19. Journalist instances. You may not all be bad neighbours disrespecting boundaries, but journa.host has well and truly made my mind up I don't want journalist instances near my personal space.

    You may not agree with my reasons. But you have no entitlement in being in my space. I value protecting my space everyday over a random person I don't know.

    Spreadsheet downloads

    I have multiple spreadsheets available with information on everything blocked, and that can be directly imported by regular users.

    Detailed information and reasoning about everything that I'm blocking can be seen via this detailed spreadsheet file (.xlsx format).

    For regular users, I have two CSV files available to import as instance blocks/mutes.

    • The first CSV file includes all entries from the first and second page of the detailed spreadsheet.
    • The second CSV file includes only entries from the first page.

    Be sure to check the domains of who you don't want to accidently block.

    How to import

    • Mastodon users, you can import the chosen CSV on the import and export settings page (/settings/import).
    • Misskey/Calckey users, you can copy the list of entries (you can open in a text editor), and paste into the instance mute settings page text box (/settings/instance-mute).
    • Instance admins, I used to provide a CSV to import but my blocklist is so vast, I could never suggest blocking absolutely everything I block. Refer to the detailed spreadsheet.

    Need to talk to someone?

    In England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man, Jersey and Guernsey, Samaritans can be contacted on
    116 123.
    In Australia, Lifeline can be contacted on
    13 11 14.
    In New Zealand, Lifeline can be contacted on
    0508 828 865.
    In the US, the suicide prevention lifeline is
    1-800-273-8255 or 988.
    In Canada, the suicide prevention lifeline is
    Other international & specialised helplines can be found at findahelpline.com or befrienders.org.
    Another image of Jasja and friends

    How did I create my characters?

    3D characters: Created with Zepeto.
    2D characters: Created with Gacha Club.