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The Republic of Queerland welcomes you. Our republic is home to the majestic city of Howly, the quaint island town of Wolfville, and many loveable citizens.

An image of Zepeto characters of Jase, Jasja and friends

The Residents

Server Features

  • Based on Glitch-Soc fork.
  • 1000 character limit for profile bios.
  • 5000 character limit for posts, aka toots.
  • Custom profile designs, with auto backgrounds based on your cover image.
  • User specific public profile custom CSS capabilities available on request.
  • Profile bio audio player available on request.
  • Extra picture/graphic for your profile at the bottom of your bio.
  • Blocks a lot of shit you don't want to see.
  • Ran by queerwolves.

Server Rules

Below is a summary of rules you need to follow if you want to have an account on this server of Mastodon:

General Rules

  1. Respect: No hate speech, harassment, trolling, dogpiling, doxing, transphobia, homophobia, aphobia, ableism, racism, sexism or xenophobia will be tolerated.
  2. Age: You must be 16 years or older, regardless of location.
  3. Sensitive Media: Sensitive filters and content warnings must be used for anything that may be sensitive. Please keep this a safe place. Ensure you do this for any content with flashing imagery too please.
  4. Explicit Content: Sexually or violently explicit content is forbidden. What you share and what you post can have mature themes by all means but it must not be graphic, it must be behind a content warning/marked as sensitive, must be legal and of good faith.
  5. No illegal content, spam or advertising.
  6. Language: Please mainly post in English. I'm not stopping you entirely, and you may want to engage and share content not in English. That's fine as I can translate things. But you need to be posting mainly in English please.
  7. Free Speech is not freedom from consequence. I will censor and cancel you, whether you’re an instance member or not, if you are an unfavourable “politically incorrect” person. This is not the instance for you.
  8. Refer to people correctly. Respect how people want to be referred as. If they/them as personal pronouns are alien to you, please do catch up! And don't refer to everyone by they/them if they don't go by such. Respect people's neopronouns too! Avoiding or refusing is just misgendering!
  9. Trans Rights Are Human Rights. If you are a TERF, crawl your way back to Rowling's castle as that's the only place you belong.
  10. Aphobia is a-not-ok. Do not invalidate ace or aro folk, or anyone of any good faith attraction/orientation. Invalidating micro-labels also are not on.
  11. All good faith identities are valid. You may not understand them, but at the very least have respect and do not gatekeep.

    BLERFs, get out of here with your TERF rewritten talking points about bi-lesbians and mspec-lesbians. You too go crawl your way over to Rowling like the TERFs! Stop including non-binary people into attraction you deny is mspec! We aren't women-lite! We are many genders.
  12. Don't be ableist. Ableism of any kind will not happen here. Neurodiverse folks are welcome here. Sysmeds and anti-self diagnosis bigots are not welcome.

    People know themselves a lot more you ever will. Trust them in that rather than invalidate their reality. Why would you rather invalidate everyone who aren't making it up just so you can save yourself from believing the few that are? It is not your call to make!
  13. Fascism & Nationalism: There's plenty of ways to take pride in where you are from, such as one's culture, without doing nothing but endorsing the unjustifiable actions of said country. You cannot say you're against war, then act neutral to it and endorse said war through actions because you still believe your leader is a saint.

    Slavi Ukraini.
    Free Palestine.
    End all war.

Profile Customisation

  1. CSS: The ability to customise one’s profile’s CSS can be provided upon request, however I will revoke that ability if it’s been done in poor taste or is inaccessible. It must be responsive. JS & HTML are not an option, and all media used must be uploaded here appropriately sized.
  2. Audio Player: Users can have an audio player added to the top of their public profile's bio upon request. This will not autoplay upon visiting the profile though. Audio of poor taste that will cause discomfort will not be allowed.


  1. Custom fonts: In this context, I'm speaking about the non-ASCII based custom fonts that are able to be used anywhere. These are hugely inaccessible to people using screen readers. Despite that translators tend to be perfectly capable of recognising what the custom fonts say, screen readers on the other hand either output the random garbage which create those fonts, or ignore them entirely. Please do not use these fonts.
  2. Emojis: Excessive use of emojis is a huge problem because if the same emoji is repeated multiple times, screen readers will repeat that emoji each time. It's ridiculous they can't just say XX emojis, such as "5 yellow hearts" instead of saying "yellow heart" 5 times.

    Mastodon does implement emojis as SVGs on desktop, which screen readers therefore entirely ignore. But mobile apps still use the original emojis, therefore the same problem still applies with excessive emojis. Please be reasonable with emoji use.
  3. Flashing Imagery, or rapidly changing imagery, even the tiniest amount, can be at the very least extremely discomforting. Please keep this a safe and accessible place by using content warnings and DO NOT edit your profile consisting of such imagery.
  4. Jump Scares: I won't tell you I don't find some funny, but please, keep them off of this instance, or use a content warning at the very least.

Banned content

  1. Dream Stans: I won't say you are awful for liking Dream's content. But with the amount of stans that are blatantly queerphobic and ableist, if you're a self-proclaimed stan of his, this is not the place for you.
  2. Pepe the Frog: The creator never intended for Pepe to be used for hate speech by neo-nazis. However, he is, or otherwise by trolls anyway. Do not use him on this instance.
  3. NFTs and Cryptocurrencies: So much harm to the environment is caused as a result of the recklessly wasted energy due to mining. Keep that off of this instance thanks.
  4. Badly drawn NFT monkey: I consider that monkey indifferent to Pepe. The amount of times I've seen neo-nazi edits of that monkey, it's ridiculous, plus you're majority just trolls anyway. Consider yourself blocked.
  5. Odysee/Lbry: Usage of Odysee and the Lbry platform I consider as an endorsement of the rampant hate speech and disinformation that is spread like fire on there. It's a shame, as it's a wasted potential the Odysee software. But there's mostly only two groups of people on there.. the alt-right and those who choose to ignore or deny the harm caused by the lack of moderation on what isn't really a decentralised platform.


"Cross-posting" is the automatic copying of posts from one platform to another.

If you use an app, like Twidere or PostyBirb, that lets you simultaneously post to both Twitter and Mastodon, that's completely fine.
But if you use an automated cross-poster, the following applies:

Cross-posting from Mastodon to other platforms is fully permitted.
Cross-posting into Mastodon from another platform is permitted under the following terms:

  1. The posts do not include platform-specific references, e.g. talking about "here" meaning Twitter, or including text from other non-Mastodon users verbatim (e.g. cross-posted quote tweets).
  2. The account is at least semi-regularly monitored by the author, so that interactions from Mastodon users are not ignored.
  3. The account being cross-posted is owned by the same person. Third-party copying of content is not permitted.

More rules, that are more focused regarding my Discord server but still provide a general idea of what I expect can be found on my site here..

About this Social Network

What is Mastodon?

This social networking website runs on a free and open-source software project named Mastodon. Mastodon is a decentralised federated alternative to platforms such as Twitter. Each Mastodon website is what's known as an instance, or a server.

You join one, and you can either just interact with the local community on that instance, or you can interact with a bigger community across a whole range of instances that together form what is known as the Fediverse.

What is the Fediverse?

Mastodon runs on the decentralised social networking protocol ActivityPub, along with a wide range of other free and open source software projects such as Pleroma, Misskey, PixelFed, Hubzilla, Peertube, Friendica, GoToSocial, Lemmy, Bookwyrm, Castopod, OwnCast, WriteFreely, Plume & even an ActivityPub WordPress plugin.

There also is GNU Social, though that consists of an outdated ActivityPub implementation apparently. These projects all have different focuses and features. While Mastodon is similar to Twitter, PixelFed is similar to Instagram, Friendica is similar to Facebook, Peertube is similar to YouTube, Lemmy is similar to Reddit, Bookwyrm is similar to Goodreads, Castopod is for podcasts, OwnCast is similar to Twitch, and WriteFreely is a blogging platform that Write.as runs on.

Yet despite all these differences and focuses of each project, users on one are able to communicate with users on another. It's really clever.

What is Decentralisation?

Mainstream social networks are single centralised platforms ran by one company you are locked into. They don't offer a way to cross-communicate such as communicating with someone on Instagram from Twitter. You have to use the particular platform for that.

Decentralised ones on the other hand are not single platforms ran by one ruling party. They are ran by many different parties, on many different servers, with their own goals and rules in mind.

Aren't these just alternatives for the alt-right?

They sadly can and indeed do benefit from this decentralised design. Being banned from one instance doesn't stop someone from joining another, or hosting their own. The fediverse is a wild-west if instances don't moderate what other instances are allowed to interact with theirs.

But the saving grace here with the fediverse is that admins can mute or block other instances from interacting with their own, you can as a user block instance domains as well as individual users, and you are more likely to have a personal human connection to those running the instance you are on.

It can and does result in a much friendlier environment than a single platform with billions of accounts that are just impossible to moderate half decently. There are also some very nice privacy options that you don't get with mainstream social media.

Yes, with more freedom comes those that abuse it. But if that freedom provides the tools to block all of that out, then that freedom can offer a safe space that is just almost impossible on other platforms in today's climate.

It only adds to that when the developers and the hosts of many major instances prioritise being an inclusive and safe space for queer and neurodiverse people. It does make sense considering so much of the friendly fediverse community came about from Trump's rise to the spotlight on Twitter back in 2016/17.

What other instances are there?

Absolutely 1000s. It's always growing. I first came across Mstdn.social ran by @Stux, which I highly recommend. The only main reason I'm hosting my own instance now rather than stay settled on Mstdn is because I wanted to be able to customise everything.

Stux also runs an instance that runs on coffee if you would appreciate a smaller, quieter instance but still ran by the same people. Alternatively, if Misskey is more of your fancy, there's Misskey.ai also ran by Stux and by @Freeplay, who is one of Stux's coffee moderators.

Stux, ALSO runs three different Pixelfed instances. Pixey.org, Gram.social which is aimed as a Giphy alternative, and Catgram.co for well cats.
Lets's also not forget about PeerTube.tv, a PeerTube instance.. yet again, ran by Stux.

There's the official Mastodon instances Mastodon.Social, Mastodon.Online and PixelFed instance PixelFed.social.

There's Tech.lgbt, Mastodon.lol, and Queer.Party, which are all queer focused instances. Then there's Mastodon.Art for well... art.

For other instances that I'd like to give a shout out to, there's @Naia's wolftastic Pleroma instance Howlr.me.
There's @Kdy's Mastodon instance Im-In.space which partly inspired my instance's design.
And there's @Hanna's Misskey instance LGBT.pm, whom gave me some pointers into the right direction when I first was wrapping my head around self hosting my instance.

Besides this, there's just far too much instances out there to list. Find one with good rules, that proactively blocks the wild west of the fediverse, that has a focus to what your interests are, and you hopefully will be opened to an amazing experience.

Don't feel you belong on one instance? Well there's so much other options out there. You can easily export your data, and transfer one account's followers to an account on another instance, at least with Mastodon. Whether you want to delete the old account or leave it up as a redirect is entirely up to you.

What about account verification?

You will see across the fediverse that so much accounts have a blue tick in their display name. This is nothing more than a custom emoji that anyone can have. It is not a way to know if an account is legit.

If someone runs their own instance, make sure that the domain actually is real, works, and goes to that instance. If it doesn't, someone possibly is pretending to be that domain.

Mastodon has the ability to let you verify you are the owner of the links in your profile metadata. This consists of the linked website(s) containing a link back to your profile with a rel="me" attribute. This can be a hidden link, and you can have multiple if you have multiple accounts. This is the only valid method of confirming an account is legit, as long as the domain, and/or website is in the right hands that is.

Should I create my own instance?

Running your own instance, that's using your own domain and is personalised to how you want it, is awesome. But before I recommend you run your own instance, here's safety reasons I recommend not to:

You need to manage, and keep your instance and server up to date.

  • Instances may block you if your instance is very out of date with known vulnerabilities.
  • Hosting costs money, more so if you use managed hosting that does the heavy lifting for you.
  • If self-hosting at home, you need to have a static IP address. Dynamic DNS services can result in other instances blocking.
  • You should have a paid domain. Free domains are untrustworthy and may result in other instances blocking. Same applies if you just use an IP address.

You want to keep under the radar and not be exposed to the alt-right.

Hosting an instance, subscribing to relays and federating with the fediverse includes federating with the alt-right.

You can easily block these instances from federating with you, and it's extremely recommended to do so. But by blocking these instances who do know about your existence, they will know you have blocked them.

These instances create target lists and shout outs to their social circle of who block them. You should therefore be prepared for some abuse in your mentions by instances you've yet to block.

Blocking out abuse on the fediverse is so much easier than mainstream social media, due to being able to block entire instances instead of only individual users. This can generally result in you only needing to deal with abuse for a day or so compared to a couple weeks.

But this abuse, that can happen for simply just blocking, you are unlikely to receive as a regular user where you may be one among 100s or 1000s with your account unlisted from the instance's profile directory, aka public listing. The chances of these alt-right instances knowing of your existence is just extremely low and nothing like running your own instance.

Whenever you are receiving abuse, please simply block and try to refrain from giving them the satisfaction they crave that they are getting to you. They will just continue.

Ensure you report abuse too to your instance admin. Though if you can see the instance in question, that the abuse is coming from, is the abuser itself, forwarding the report to that instance may not be a good idea. Reports to other instances are anonymous, but if it's targeted abuse specifically to you, they may figure out who it is and be motivated to continue by using other instances.

Take advantage of the post privacy options offered by fediverse software if you want to alert on what's happening. But be warned, a malicuous instance can disregard the privacy and make any post public if a user of theirs is a recipent of said post. I cannot recommend it enough to have follow requests enabled on your account(s) to prevent bad actors from following. You can still post publicly despite this.

Things may sound doom and gloom from this. But the fediverse is generally a much friendlier place than mainstream social media, again due to the fact that you have more useful privacy and blocking options at your disposal. But running your own instance just simply isn't suitable, viable or safe for everyone. Do not blindly recommend and tell people it's easy and that anyone can do it. Remember, not everyone is tech savvy, or able to deal with the pressure involved that just wouldn't exist as a regular user staying under the radar.

If you are someone that wants to go ahead and run an instance though, you know what you're signing up to, then I highly recommend it. You can create a lovely personal, fun and safe space, and do much more being in control, such as customising the character limit of posts and bios, using a fork and whatever customisations you like.

There's just so much fun that can be had out of running your own instance with the software of your choice. But again, please don't underestimate how much shit is out there on the fediverse. As someone hosting, if you don't block, or at least reject media from, malicious instances, it could land you in legal trouble if anything illegal is in the database/cache due to these bad actors.

Have fun on the fedi, but be safe.

Mobile & Desktop Apps

Thanks to Mastodon's open API, there are a wide range of apps available from third-party developers. On Android, Tusky is a clear favourite. Mastodon also has an official app for both iOS and Android. But if you are on Android, Tusky is absolutely my recommendation.





Additional apps not listed above may be available here..

How to sign up

Signing up to this instance is by invite only. If you would like an invite and I know you, please contact me.

Another image of Jasja and friends

How did I create my characters?

3D characters: Created with Zepeto.
2D characters: Created with Gacha Club.

Moderated servers

Mastodon generally allows you to view content from and interact with users from any other server in the fediverse. These are the exceptions that have been made on this particular server.

Suspended servers

No data from these servers will be processed, stored or exchanged, making any interaction or communication with users from these servers impossible:

Server Reason
*.all*********.moe Associated with another blocked instance.
*.burger.rodeo Federates with blocked instances
*.cypherpunk.club Associated with another blocked instance.
*.h****.*om Associated with another blocked instance.
*.poast.org Poa.st
*.pomoc-poczta.biz Associated with another blocked instance.
*.vo******.bz Associated with another blocked instance.
101010.pl Free speech instance, federates with blocked instances
10minutepleroma.com Unmoderated and wide open
207.***.***.125 Ip, no domain, associated with another blocked instance for admitting to liking loli content
3.14r8.club Anti-semitic & racist emojis
434.earth Harassment
95.2**.***.64 No domain, just ran on an IP
a-mastodon-instance.host*******.***********.********.***************.**main.name.bruh.lamp.wtf Associated with another blocked instance for admin admitting to liking loli content
alive.bar No community guidelines & some undesirable emojis
amala.schwartzwelt.xyz Harassment, transphobia, alt right, neo-nazis
ancreport.com Antivax, white nationalism
angrytoday.com Free speech shitfest
anime.website Racism, white nationalism
animes*****.****unity Admin admits to liking loli content
antivaxxer.icu Host a lot of conspiracy theories along with rightwing discourse.
ap.tiuxo.com Gab associated
apeiron.aire.ml Free domain extension
app.kenhbit.com Bot spam
archivefedifor.fun Archives user information off-site
asimon.org Poa.st users block evading
aspirant.de Harassment
ba*.*t Loli content
bar***.*et Loli content
bbs.kawa-kun.com Associates with Gab, very inaccessible CSS theme
bbs.keinpfusch.net Complaining about how is a followbot ran by a most likely neo-nazi bad. Bloody ignorance
beefyboys.club Racism, nazis, harassment
beefyboys.win Racism
beehub.org server seems extremely sus, interacts with "free speech" servers and has the CSS customised in a way you hardly can read what is said
bestgore.fun Peertube instance full of gore and joking about executions
beta.mstdn.cf Free domain extension
bgme.me Some undesirable custom emojis
bigchungus.theautisticinvestors.quest Hate speech
bigguys.club Harassment
birds.garden Federates with neo-nazi and "free speech" shithole instances
bita*****.com Blockchain instance
bitcoinhackers.org Harassment
bitco********.net Bitcoin instance
bitc*****.com Bitcoin related instance
bittube.video Hosts a lot of conspiracy theory videos and neo nazi content
blackface.info Racism.
blimey.social Harassment
bloc*****.com Blockchain instance
bor*.****al Communicates with "free speech"extremist server
boseburo.ddns.net Sexist, racist, pro war, white nationalist, nazi, plus dynamic dns cause havoc for federating
brasileiros.social Fascism
brighteon.social Conspiracy theories instance.
btw.no Transphobia
buildthatwallandmakeamericagreatagain.trumpislovetrumpis.life Gab associated and yeaaaaaaaaaa it's obvious
bydons.ddns.net Dynamic DNSes causes problems and servers go down a lot
cachapa.moe Nazism
calculate.social Federates with blocked instances
canberrasocial.net Racism
carnivore.social Right wing extremists
cawfee.club Transphobia, harassment
censorship.icu Host a lot of conspiracy theories along with rightwing discourse.
charlestown.social Interacts with other blocked instances
chil*****.*hop Pedophilia
chungus.cc Racism, transphobia
club.darknight-coffee.org White nationalism
clubcyberia.co Homophobia in instance rules and moderator is racist
cock.fish Transphobia, homophobia
cofeti.me Federates with blocked instances
collapsitarian.io Interacts with alt right instances
computerhater.club Interacts with other blocked alt right instances
connos.ddnss.ch Dynamic DNSes causes problems and servers go down a lot
conoha.cf Free domain extension
controverse.tube Dedicated to right-wing content
counter.fedi.live Anti-Semitism
couter.social Admin stole and rebranded mastodon source code
cow***.*rg Probably loli content, and federates with other blocked instances
crypt*******.**cial Crypto, blockchain, NFT instance
csdi******.*lub Nazi & pedo apologist
cum.salon Instance is anti-transgender and also shares other offensive material.
cunny.finance "there will never be rules". Free speech unmoderated death trap
cyberfuck.club Racism
cyzed.com Gab associated
d-fens.systems Weird follow bot instance, admin follows known racists
daffodil-11.org Bot instance spreading malware
daishouri.moe White nationalism
ddns.net Dynamic DNSes causes problems and servers go down a lot
ddnss.ch Dynamic DNSes causes problems and servers go down a lot
deepweb.eu Transphobia
degenerates.fail Gab associated
desupost.soy Racism, Ableism, Transphobia
desuposter.club Racism, harassment
detroitriotcity.com Unmoderated / racist content
develop.gab.com Trump fanatics
digitan.cf Free domain extension
disqordia.space Admin is buddies and in agreement with witches.live admin Anna that Ukraine is a Nazi state and at least overlooking the fact that Anna implied I'm a Nazi for showing support to my Ukrainian friends. Slava Ukrajini!
dither.ddns.net Dynamic DNSes causes problems and servers go down a lot
djsumdog.com Admin is on, and interacts with, alt right instances.
dobbs.town Transphobia, lack of moderation, federates with other blocked instances
dono****.com Outdated instance
duckfriend.com Can transphobic people really be considered duck friends?
dull.cf Free domain extension
ehjovan.com Harassment
eie****.*rg Racism, nazis, loli
enigmatic.observer Hosts gab associated developer
etiketi.de Hosts account of Boris Reitschuster, rightwing conspiracy theorist. Admin posts COVID conspiracies
etimon.app Covid denial, pro Russia, white supremacy
eveningzoo.club Queerphobia, ableism, racism, slurs, harassment
expired.mentality.rip Federates with blocked instances
facebook.com Fecebook go brrrr
fedi.anti-degeneracy.club Transphobia
fedi.cc crypto spam bot caused by blocked instance user
fedi.dotsod.com Interacts with other blocked instances
fedi.ml Free domain extension
fedi.murky.club Rape apologists, sexism, racism
fedi.pawlicker.com Federates with blocked instances, pro gun.
fedi.ruinouspowe.rs Admin has alt on blocked instance, federates with blocked instances.
fedi.****.moe Underage material
fediverse-lite.com "Free speech" instance, interacts with other blocked instances
fediverse.pl Federates with blocked instances
feminism.lgbt Transphobia, homophobia, racism, harassment
fluf.club Harassment, interacts with blocked instances.
fr13nd5.com Harassment
freak.******sity Pedophilia
freeatlantis.com Racism, xenophobia, conspiracy theories
freecu*********t.com Unmarked NSFW content / No moderation, shitposting, rape apologists
freesoftwareextremist.com Alt right
freespeech.firedragonstudios.com White nationalism, racism
freespeech.group Alt right
freespeech.host Alt right
freespeechextremist.com Hate speech
freethinkers.lgbt Transphobia
freewahaextremist.soy Racism, Ableism, Transphobia
freewahaextremist.wtf Racism, Ableism, Transphobia
freezepeach.xyz Harassment
frennet.link Harassment, transphobia
frennet.xyz Harassment, transphobia
fro**.**ne Interacts with blocked instances, & loli content
gab.ai Trump fanatics
gabfed.com Trump fanatics
gamel******.club Loli content
gaycookie.dev You disappointed me Cookie. Your behaviour is fucking toxic
gearlandia.haus Transphobic admin
gendercritical.club TERFs, Transphobia
gendercritical.space TERFs, Transphobia
genit****.****rver Pedophilia
gitmo.life White supremacy
gleasonator.com Associates with Gab
glindr.org Targeted harassment
globalfrens.com Pepe is an instant block.
glowers.club White supremacy, queerphobia, racism
goyim.app Harassment
greenlifeplus.net Data scraping
groups.qoto.org Same as per @qoto.org
gts.melalandia.tk Racism, harassment, free domain.
hakodon.cf Free domain extension
handicapped.tk Ableist domain, free domain extension, federates with blocked instances.
helladoge.com No rules, no listed admin, no moderation
hen***.**by loli content
hitchhiker.social Interacts with other blocked instances
hod**.*ne Bitcoin related instance
homo*.***ial Underage material
honey.church Transphobia, aphobia
honkwerx.tech Extreme harassment with absolutely disturbing media such as that suicide video one that was doing the rounds on social media back in 2020 being disguised.
horny.****.*pace Loli content, relays NSFW content from blocked instances
hunk.city Racism, harassment, creating hell threads spamming other instances.
husk.site Racism, Sexism, associates with Gab and Kiwifarms
icioulaba.tk Free domain extension
iddqd.social Hateful & offensive content
ignorelist.com Dynamic DNSes causes problems and servers go down a lot
iljp.masto.host Nationalism, discrimination, possible neo-nazis.
im.sb Affiliated with China
init****.**ace Admins seem ableist, and some sus content
itmslaves.com Using "slaves" as the instance name? Fuck out of here free speech USAF vet trash
jojo.singleuser.club Gab associated
jpop.club Racist admin
juche.town Harassment
justicewarrior.social "free speech", zero rules, qanon conspiracy theories
kaf**.*cu Used an ableist slur, and Pepe.
katiehopkinspolitical.icu Host a lot of conspiracy theories along with rightwing discourse.
khajiit.tech Poa.st
khp.ignorelist.com Dynamic DNSes causes problems and servers go down a lot
kiss*****.com Loli content
kiss*****.moe Loli content, racism
kiwi*****.cc Underage content, hate speech
kiwifarms.net Self explanatory
krd****.*rg Alt right, anti semitism, holocaust, conspiracy theories.
kys.moe Eww
l33t.link Trump supporters
lain.com Associates with Gab
lain.sh Harassment
lam*.*tf Associated with another blocked instance for admin admitting to liking loli content
lanceur-alerte.tv Host a lot of conspiracy theories. The admin actively promote far-right discourse and homophobic content.
lbry.world Instance associated with Lbry, aka Odysee
leafposter.club "free speech" unmoderated bigoted transphobic hell
lemmy.ml Free domain extension
lexing**********.*ocial Bitcoin instance
lgbtfree.zone Queerphobia
liberdon.com Conspiracy / Lack of moderation
libertarianism.club Harassment
libre.tube Conspiracy theories, racism
librenet.co.za Antivaxx, racism and much more
ligma.pro Harassment
like*.***ial Blockchain instance
lol*.***za Loli content
lol****.*op Loli content, racism
loma.ml Free domain extension
lord.sh Harassment
m.anirloli.dev Loli content
m.cmx.im Some undesirable emojis
m.tkw.fm Admin has flashing imagery (gifs/emojis) all over their account.
mao.mastodonhub.com Spreading disinformation
masochi.st Harassment, transphobia and racism
mastodon.barcelo.cf Free domain extension
mastodon.cf Free domain extension
mast****.**oud Associated with mst**.jp, which hosts illegal content
mastodon.exp0.ml Free domain extension
mastodon.green Racist country and language policy
mastodon.satoshishop.de Transphobia
mastodon.someotherguy.xyz Transphobia, right wing conspiracy theories
memehub.eu White supremacy
mi.tkw.fm Admin has flashing imagery (gifs/emojis) all over their account.
midnightride.rs White supremacy
midwaytrades.com Transphobia, right wing fascists, gab instance
miku-e*********.club Associated with another blocked instance for admin admitting to liking loli content
mil***.**fe Not sure if hosts Loli, but interacts with instances that do
mis.ski You disappointed me Cookie. Your behaviour is fucking toxic
miss.mouse.services Interacts with other blocked instances
misskey.cf Free domain extension
miss***.***.moe Loli content
mk.eliko.ga Free domain extension
mk.gaycookie.dev You disappointed me Cookie. Your behaviour is fucking toxic
mk.outerheaven.club Federates with blocked instances
moa.mastodonhub.com Spreading disinformation
monads.online Harassment
morse.social Blockchain worshippers
mstdn.cf Free domain extension
mstdn.foxfam.club Alt right
mstdn.io Transphobia
mst**.jp Illegal content
mstdn.starnix.network Federates with blocked instances
mulmeyun.church Harassment, transphobia and racism
musksocial.com Musk simps
nazi.social White nationalism
neckbeard.xyz White nationalism, racism
neenster.org Transphobia
neo.hongeipii.com Spam
netzsphaere.xyz Transphobia
news.twtr.plus A twitter bridge instance associated with poa.st.
nicecrew.digital Nazi trolls, Harassment of transgender people and other marginalized groups.
nigg***.****ion N word domain, racism
niscii.xyz Federates with blocked instances, admin is on poa.st
nni*.***ce NNIA means "Non-Normative Identities Alliance". It's a term that came about from M.A.Ps trying to normalise their paedophilia.
noagendasocial.com Spreading conspiracy theories
nocensoring.net Unmoderated instance, host a lot of conspiracy theory videos.
noho.st Dynamic DNSes causes problems and servers go down a lot
nohost.me Dynamic DNSes causes problems and servers go down a lot
norden.media Instance dedicated to nordic right-wing content, owned by "Nordfront", a neo-nazi organization.
not-develop.gab.com Gab
ns.auction Racism
nsupdate.info Dynamic DNSes causes problems and servers go down a lot
nya.house Interacts with other blocked instances
nyaaa.jeder.pl Just another instance admin that sees Ukraine as a fascist state to the blocks.
oneway.masto.host Transphobia, homophobia, alt right
open.tube Unmoderated, right wing content
openworlds.info Transphobia, harassment
oursocialism.today White nationalism
p.helene.moe Interacts with other blocked instances
paidspeechextremist.com Interacts with other blocked instances
pasta.ga Free domain extension
paw**.*et Loli content
paypig.org Trolling instance
ped*.****ol Pedophilia
peertube.anon-kenkai.com Neo nazis, racism, anonymous-japan.org associated who emailed me
peertube.se Instance dedicated to nordic right-wing content, owned by "Nordfront", a neo-nazi organization
pieville.net Racism, Misogyny, transphobia, etc
pirateradio.social Holocaust denial
pkteerium.xyz "Free speech" instance, racism, conspiracy theories
pl.anon-kenkai.com Neo nazis, racism, anonymous-japan.org associated who emailed me
pl.gamers.exposed Harassment, associated with Poast.
pl.lifeweb.cc Gab associated
pl.secretsealing.club Federates with blocked instances & ableism, has a plural system focused instance blocked, described as degenerate. Whether there's an actual other reason to that block, no idea, but it doesn't look good.
pl.slash.cl Neo nazis "free speech" unmoderated instance
pl.thj.no Transphobia
pl.tkammer.de Transphobia
pl.zombiecats.run Transphobia
plandemic.icu Host a lot of conspiracy theories along with rightwing discourse.
pleroma.eientei.org Racism, transphobia, harassment
pleroma.flussence.eu Harassment
pleroma.foxfam.club Alt right, posts disturbing stuff without CW
plerom*.**********.club Probably unmoderated
pleroma.freespeech.host Hate speech filled "free speech" instance
pleroma.kitsunemimi.club Racism, transphobia, harassment
pleroma.kiwifarms.net Harassment & self explanatory
plero**.*****.love illegal content
pleroma.mouse.services Transphobia
pleroma.narrativerry.xyz Queerphobia, glorification of killings.
pleroma.nobodyhasthe.biz Harassment, transphobia, nazis
pleroma.skyshanty.xyz Homophobia
plero**.******.com Loli content, hate speech
pleroma.us Gab associated, transphobia
pleroma.viridianpatriots.com Federates with blocked instances
pleville.net "Free speech" nazi instance
plr.inferencium.net Transphobia, racism, free speech instance.
pmth.us Alt right, anti abortion, interacts exclusively with blocked instances.
poa.st Unmoderated "censorship" free shitpost neo-nazi bigot instance
poast.eth Poa.st block evading
pokemo*.**********.info Spamming public timelines
political.icu Host a lot of conspiracy theories along with rightwing discourse.
postin*.*******.rocks Loli content, MAPs
precure.ml Free domain extension
puzzled.cc Associated with kiwifarms
qoto.org Free speech instance, federates with blocked instances
rage.lol Free speech extremists
rakket.app Neo Nazis
ralsei.moe Just another instance admin calling Ukraine a fascist state to the blocks.
rapemeat.shop Ewww
rawr-xd.club Gab associated
raygungothic.xyz Rape apologist
rdrama.cc Threatening evasive admin / slurs
redliberal.com Fascist sympathisers
redroo.ml Free domain extension
relay.101010.pl Free speech instance, federates with blocked instances
relay.blob.cat White nationalists in disguise
relay.fedi.agency Poa.st's relay
rich.gop Ewww
rojogato.com Alt right
runtube.re Antivax conspiracy, QAnon and french far right
rusoc.xyz Instance is pro-Russian, admin openly supports Putler and his regime's actions
ryona.agency Trolls
s.sn***.***lin Alt right
sad.cab Poa.st associated
salesforce.social Gab associated
sealion.club Harassment
shigu******.club Loli content
shitpi*****.***o.com Shit domain name, interacts with other blocked instances and likely involves loli content
shitpost.poridge.club "Free speech" instance
shitposter.club White nationalism, racism
shitposters.club Shit poster trolls
shortstackran.ch Failure to moderate/white nationalism
silkhe.art Transphobia, harassment, hate speech, "free speech"
sironi.tk Free domain extension
skippers-bin.com White nationalism, racism, same admin as neckbeard.xyz
sleepy.cafe Rape apologists, trolling, transphobia, homophobia
sneed.social Racism
sns-sakura.jp Alt right, neo-nazis.
sns.d-rine.com Followbot, transphobia, ableism
snug.moe Has a mod associated with another blocked instance admin.
soc.*******.moe Loli content
soc.phreedom.club "Free speech" instance
socia*.***.*e.jp Racism, nazis, loli content, slurs, queerphobia, anti-vax
social.4f9e1738.ignorelist.com Dynamic DNSes causes problems and servers go down a lot
social.************.ninja Loli content
social.ancreport.com Exclusively interacts with other blocked instances, antivax, white nationalism
social.anoxinon.de Harassment, white nationalism
social.beepboop.ga Free domain extension
social.byoblu.com Associates with Gab
social.c-r-t.tk Free domain extension
social.fbxl.net "free speech" unmoderated bigoted hell
social.foxfam.club Alt right
social.freetalklive.com Free speech shitfest, transphobia
social.getgle.org Racism, transphobia, harassment
social.guizzyordi.info Anti-Semitism
social.handholding.io Transphobia and racism
social.herag.xyz Pro gun
social.k1ppl.com Racism, harassment
social.kabi.tk Harassment, free domain name
social.lincolncyber.com Federates with blocked instances
social.lovingexpressions.net Hate speech and discrimination
social.manalejandro.com Spambot instance
social.markwaters.eu Blockchain stuff, admin seems to be anti-vax
social.mattcrawford.me Gab associated
social.midwaytrades.com Transphobia, right wing fascists, gab instance
social.************ey.bar Loli content
social.quodverum.com alt right "Free speech" instance
social.realnephestate.xyz Admin hell thread spamming, and "free speech" instance.
social.redxen.eu Gab associated, transphobia, homophobia, racism
social.sakamoto.gq Free domain extension
social.teci.world Federates with blocked instances, queerphobia
social.thisisjoes.site Unmoderated free speech zone, holocaust denial, sexism, etc.
social.xenofem.me Transphobic and homophobic admin
socialgoblins.club Federates with blocked instances
societal.co Gab associated
society.burger.rodeo Interacts with other blocked instances
socks.pinnoto.org Transphobic user reinstated. Free speech instance
socnet.softgirl.online Troll, associated with other harassing alt right instances,
socnet.supes.com Federated with nazi.social and Gab
softgirl.online Same as per socnet.softgirl.online
solagg.com Crypto scam instance
sp.kub2091.ru Pro-Russian's invasion of Ukraine
spinster.xyz FARTS (Feminist Appropriating Reactionary Transphobes aka TERFs)
stereophonic.space Transphobia and racism
strelizia.net Neo nazis, racism
succubi.services Associated with another blocked instance admin.
sumanko.ml Free domain extension
sussyincorporated.net Associated with another blocked instance admin
sweet.succubi.services Associated with another blocked instance admin.
talkabout.cf Free domain extension
terrible.place Racism, harassment, white supremacy
testomat.singleuser.club Gab associated
thebag.social Covid conspiracies
theduran.icu Host a lot of conspiracy theories along with rightwing discourse.
theres.life Transphobia, right wing
thewired.link Federates with blocked instances
thisis.mylegendary.quest Interacts with other blocked instances
toot.love Harassment
toot.pt Unmoderated "free speech" instance
toot.wales Covid denial
toots.alirezahayati.com Transphobia and racism
traboone.com Gab associated
troo.tube Conspiracy theories
truthsocial.co.in pathetic trump fanatic instance
truthsocial.com Trump's wild west
truthsocialpro.org Racist, homophobic, transphobic
tube.kenfm.de Racism, conspiracy (antivax, covid denialism). Hosted by a known anti-Semite.
tube.querdenken-711.de Conspiracy theories
tucson.claims White supremacists
tweety.icu White nationalism
twitter.1d4.us Federates with blocked instances, has a shitpost bot, and nsfw content without cw.
twitter.1e400.net Seems to be a broken Twitter to Mastodon bridge
twtr.plus A twitter bridge instance associated with poa.st.
unholy-lair.69.mu Doxxing, death threats and rape
unsto**********.org Blockchain instance
ura-*****.com Sex trafficking, uncensored nsfw, paedophilia
varis*******.net Loli content
veenus.art Federates with blocked instances, and admins admit to being ok with loli, only reason they won't host such is to not get in trouble
video.lincolncyber.com Federates with blocked instances
video.nobodyhasthe.biz Neo nazis, racism
video.pure-isp.eu Conspiracy theories
videos.lukesmith.xyz Right-wing extremist rhetoric, instance creation after bans of hate speech on YouTube channels.
voicenews.icu Host a lot of conspiracy theories along with rightwing discourse.
vrij.social Dutch alt-rights
waif****.*ife Probably loli, and federates with other nasty instances
warc.space Gab associated
weeb.su Federates with blocked instances
weedis.life White nationalist supporters
whinge.town Federates with blocked instances, admin uses a bot that alerts who blocks them.
wintermute.fr.to Gab associated
witches.live If you're going to use Russian propaganda and accuse me of being a Nazi Anna for being in support for my Ukrainian friends, you can fuck right off. And leaving an instance with 2k members to get 2 and half+ years out of date is unjustifiable.
wolf****.bar Loli content / Transphobia / Neo-nazis
wurm.host Racism
www.bigguys.club Racism
x0*.**g Blockchain instance
xerg.ga Free domain extension
xn--p1abe3d.xn--80asehdb Transphobic admin
yami.burger.rodeo Federates with blocked instances
yapi.burger.rodeo Interacts with other blocked instances
yggdrasil.social Trump fanatics
you**.**ve Pedophilia
zet***.**ub Zoophiles, MAPs
zombiecats.run Transphobia