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Hey everyone,

I'm still fundraising money to get back to karate in less than two weeks. It's 180€ and I have 40€ for it so far.

We're only living on my disability benefits so we can't afford it ourselves unfortunately.

Any help would mean a lot as it's my childhood dream and maybe it could help me handle ALS better and perhaps live longer if the doctor's right about it.

Thank you so much

Please boost :BoostOK:

-- Accidentally Open Secrets Regarding Autism --

There are facts that are known by so many Autistic people that they don't get talked about much, so people often don't realize they are a "thing" and then once they know .. they know.

Note: We are working on a Meme based version of this thread here:

The gender of the day is a torn-up t-shirt covered in rainbows.

Another genderless insult you can use when you stop being polite and start being real 


Maybe I did know this once before but forgot.. but I don't think so.. typically I use Universal Copy a lot with stuff like this if it cannot be copied which sometimes Tusky doesn't let you select toot contents for some reason, so I use that.

But either way I can't believe I only just noticed this.. or re-noticed this lol

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Tusky... Can I ask you something? When did selecting text on bios become a thing? Or has it always been a thing? I've been using your app from the very start when I first joined at start of May.

I only just accidentally discovered this is a thing lmfaooo 👀


Just published my article/devlog about FediFox Shield, my project for a nicer public Mastodon frontend

It goes deep into some technical details I had lots of fun implementing, but also explains the overall motivation, and next steps for the project

#FediFox #FediFoxShield #MastoDev

I love that there's 6 fediverse instances with "blahaj" in their name.

Me: Noo I'd never feel sympathy for inanimate objects I'm totally not autistic
Also me: I should praise the WiFi and say it's doing a great job so it downloads this faster :blobCat_melt:

Car-centric infrastructure vs Cat-centric infrastructure

there is a dot horse, but not a dot raccoon?

I am going to fight the CEO of TLDs

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Republic of Queerland

You are now entering the Republic of Queerland, home to Howly City and the quaint island town of Wolfville. Please travel safely.