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Mame is just a sentient loaf of bread

Club Q, Mutual Aid, GoFundMe Link 

GoFundMe has created a page of verified fundraisers for survivors and families of the Club Q shooting. Please consider donating if you can.

#ClubQ #ColoradoSprings #MutualAid

meta feds defederating chat 

the government can certainly afford its own instance if it wants, the only reason to infiltrate someone else's is obvious

it's like that saying, if you have 1 Nazi and 99 people who are cool sharing a space with them, well you've got 100 nazis

the only way to resist this kind of shit is being 100% unreasonable about it- no feds, no cops, no nazis, no TERFs, period welcoming US CISA to their instance meta 

listen. I don't care how petty my opinion is, but I don't trust the government or corporations or whatnot. especially if they have a history of spying on, interrogating, pursuing and inflicting harm on minorities and journalists/activists

I simply can't trust someone who has power over me without me being able to protect myself

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I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it a thousand times: Encouraging kids to be who they are is suicide prevention.

Everything *else* aside, having a government account hosted on a community server seems an awful lot like having a government website hosted at something like

Pro tip you can use a bot to remind you to add alt-text to your images.


That one ^

Just follow it and allow it to follow you, and it will send you a comment every time you post an image without alt-text. I tried it and it works.

Club Q Attack; Misgendering; Fucking Heroes 

From the only drag performer who was in Club Q at the time of the attack:

Infosec hosting head of CISA, cops are bad, and how does that help with infosec? 

I swear if there's one thing the good and the bad of fedi can agree with.. is that when we say fedi, we do not mean we want fucking feds on the fediverse.

Well yes.. they have every right to be here, but hiding like cowards among general instances that other people run, rather than running their own official instances.. it's wrong. But it's all too cop like. They'll do whatever they can to not let people be able to choose to opt in/out of them being in your space.

Admins of instances, whether you support police or not, bloody tell cops were to stick it, if not for that you don't like cops, let it be for that by you platforming them, they're a liability that's only going to get you mass fediblocked by others as a result. Plus that they're a safety risk in of itself.

And an instance about infosecurity? Hosting feds completely contradicts infosec!!

Infosec was in the limelight already for the glitch vulnerability.. and would stay in the limelight for the fact it's an instance about infosecurity. Adding the head of the CISA on top, way to make yourself a subject to possible DDoS attacks ffs.

#FediBlock will be hosting the official account of CISA, The Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, (part of Homeland Security).

My decision to block them and to call for more to as well will likely have serious professional repercussions for myself. However, this is an ACAB account, and the community I have here is one where "spot the fed" actually means something.

No feds on the fediverse.

Cancelling plans is okay. Putting yourself first is okay. Going for a long walk is okay. Abandoning society is okay. Moving into a cave with a family of raccoons is okay. Giving them tiny swords & shields is okay. Do what you need to do to cope.

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