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Well.. it doesn't always work, some simply are too well hidden with cloudflare. But still, generally it's a fabulous tool.

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Definitely nice seeing posts no longer going over to poast for example. WHY did I only just darn think of doing this lmao. It makes so much sense. 👀

Though.. all those using dynamic dns services to host their instances, obviously no stopping them xD.

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Currently on a fun ip hunt of blocked instances to block things too at the firewall level. is fricken superb.. especially also for all the bunch of instances and all that are hiding behind cloudflare. And damn it's pointing out just how connected and associated many of these alt right instances are.

Honestly, fediverse software should have an option to block an instance's IP when you block said instance, so that it IS INDEED a two way street that unless there's a change of the blocked instance's IP, the blocked instance cannot access your instance at all.

Obviously users can still publicly view your instance and it's publicly viewable content.. but just the same as any other social media with blocks.

Apple cables are absolutely the worst.

My MBA's USB C charging cable has already had it after approx 2 and half months.

@420CatLover I hope I don't jinx there to be no coffee when you try to get some 👀

Sexual harassment is not tolerated on Howlr. I don’t care what instance you’re from. I will suspend you if I see it, and I’ll defederate an instance that tolerates it.

Since I realised middle last year that Ňellie, Jasja and Mili together make up the flag colours.. kept up this theme as you scroll through my profile on .

Here's stitched together all the times I've done this 😁

@nellie @jasja @mili

Twitter.. already the most political and terf infested crap of a social network around.. now being taken over by a someone who is OBVIOUSLY a transphobe if it wasn't obvious to one before.

How many more pointers do people need to realise how big and front and center transphobia is..

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Yup I sure knew Musk was a transphobic asswipe, but good lord.. this makes a world of sense as being one of the big reasoning to buy out Twitter.

Trump might as well of been the one to of bought out Twitter..

musk, transphobia, buying twitter, timeline 

Catch me if I'm wrong, but here's the timeline on Musk buying Twitter *plus* the transphobia stuff so far:
- Musk's kid comes out as trans to family it seems? (backporting that info)
- Musk complains: pronoun use is annoying
- Grimes tries to get a public apology
- Musk doesn't apologize, starts posting more stuff in that category
- Grimes starts dating *Chelsea Manning*
- Musk ups the amount of transphobic content
- Babylon bee kicked off Twitter for transphobic article, Musk says later this is what convinced him to buy Twitter
- Musk starts musing out loud on the internet that he should buy twitter for "free speech" reasons
- Musk buys a bunch more stake in Twitter, more or less makes a public offer on this over Twitter itself
- Twitter board initially pushes back on the idea
- Musk starts demeaning the board and high-level Twitter employees very publicly on Twitter while increasing his brag about how he can fix everything
- Twitter board reverses course: you know what, let's take all that money
- Musk formally makes the offer
- Musk talks more about how he's going to fix all the spam, bots, etc *while* also absolutely free speech, everything is allowed filter mechanism unclear
- Starts backpedaling: well, he can't buy it unless certain positions are upheld, starts complaining about fake users
- He already signed it though, poison pill clause means he may be on the hook to pay even if he tries to back out
- A lot more waffling on whether or not Twitter is being forthcoming about information not required ahead of time it seems?
And then in about one day:
- Outing (in a crappy article) about Musk's kid being trans
- Twitter signs deal to sell to Musk
- Musk lays off Tesla employees for vague reasons related to the economy

Did I get that timeline right?

Reasoning still though for anyone to want to check out my instance though, if you're one that liked the customising CSS aspect of MySpace back in the day, and Tumblr etc.

CSS is something I'm able to provide for users to do for their public profiles, so lets say you REALLY wanted to still have the whole purple theme has going on, could do that.

Plus other things I've got available if someone wants, audio player in the bio, extra picture that could be a jpg like mine, or a png or a gif, at the bottom of the bio.

And then by default, background image based on the header image, which on request could be changed to something separate from the header, and could habe the header completely hidden on desktop like how I have with my profile.

Though the one thing I definitely won't take though if someone was to do their custom CSS for their profile.. all the seizure inducing CSS so much of MySpace was infested with. Just spoils the fun that custom CSS can be.

Ooooh and @420CatLover... You've been talking about editing. Well Stux has a soupbox fe running at so anything you want to edit, while Tusky/Husky and the default web interface still doesn't have it, you can log into your coffee account there and bam you got the edit function!

I just tried to launch OpenOffice instead of LibreOffice and now I feel old, So you have more issues than just your instance being extremely out of date, whatever server wise is up with images, but your instance is running on a version from October 2019. That is 2 years, 8 months. The current version is 3.5.4. Get it updated for the sake of not being a safety issue to all the 2k+ accounts that are on there. It's highly irresponsible to let something get so outdated.

Life happens yes, but anything web facing, having it get so outdated is a possible walking vulnerability for everyone, for you, for the server, for users, for visitors. Please get it updated.

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