Opens calender instead of calculator.
Opens calculator instead of calendar.
Opens Shpock instead of Shazam.

And then my homescreen..
Opens instead of .
Opens Replika instead of Zepeto.

Was playing eye spy with Ém in . OMGOSH I fricken loved that. It was so fun and adorable.. and well fucking hilarious the last one when she was guessing what thing about her I meant that starts with the letter b.

I'm not saying anything, that's for everyone else to figure out.. but it was fucking hilarious to say the least 🤣

@thebiologist837 <3

So just updated my pic of edit I did last night of me and Em's character.

As just.. well I adore Em lmao, and just, I'm not ready for this with that friend if they did initiate contact again. 👀

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OK, is still not quite there though. They still have one that still genders the avatars..

When you click the manage avatar as seen here, it has the option to switch the gender from what it originally was on the base character.

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One thing could still improve on is to just be more inclusive to people of all different gender presentations despite their chest size..

Have an adjustable option to set your character's chest size rather than this be dependant on different outfit modeling.

It'd add so much more to inclusivity.

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Ummm.. wow.. So has abolished even having asking masculine/feminine in terms of how your starting character presents.. and just has precisely what I'd said they should do, just bung the starting characters altogether as a mixed selection screen.

Zepeto has just come a LONG way with being inclusive fucking heck.

Compared to a year ago where Zepeto still asked if your character is male or female as the starting point.. and especially compared to Zepeto used to be there nagging you the user to state whether you're male or female.. which you could get out of easily and they'd shh up for a while.. but still it was annoying.

Zepeto stopping doing that, and then changing the terminology from male/female to masculine/feminine and specifying that this is just for your base character and you can change them however you like after the fact.. that was a gigantic step up.

And this is just even better!

Another Eiffel Tower Zepeto World map. This ome has a really nice model of the Eiffel Tower, and cool autumn trees too. Not a super detailed map but it's a cool little one for an Eiffel Tower autumn snap.

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Some Miraculous Zepeto vibes.

If this song is new to you Miraculours, the Ladybug PV had another song besides what's featured in the video known as Up Ladybug. There's a second one called It's Ladybug, which is what's playing here. Song link:

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