Ok, season 5 English dub is from what it looks like confirmed for September.

What a flipping delay 👀 But then that's a piece of our own medicine tbh when we're fucking privileged as English speakers getting English dubs of practically everything just straight away when others maybe don't even ever just having subs.

This video from CJ the X on I so fucking needed lmaooo. Completely captured so much of what I SO FUCKING love about this show, it's literally everything.

If you're not watching Miraculous, watch it! This is a threat!

Aaaaaand I have a sad Marinette post show at the top of my insta explore. FFS Insta. 😂😭 How appropriate.

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Absolutely nuts a series that has a story that only originally was for 5 seasons is going to be that long.. if it stays so. I so hope the charm is kept throughout and keepts a good story line.


Looks like the English dub will be likely premiering around September.

What a big gap to Gloob's premiere a month ago (Mid June). 🙃

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Well I be damned. Look on :birdsite: at , see if there's any update on season 5 Emg dub release date.

I get the leaked full season 5 shoved in my face.

Yea I ain't reading that thank you. On block they go. 🙃

It's funny how Adrien seems to know how to play football in Furious Fu episode, yet has absolutely no clue about the game in Penalteam episode 😂

And the inspector taking advantage of the guilt Mari felt, it is a horrible and not feel good, but I'm glad they didn't do a feel good ending with that episode because it just wouldn't be representative of how horrible people like that is just an all too real reality.

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The bus driver in Qilin with Sabine's treats is hilarious.

But he should of done something with the way that ticket inspector discriminated Sabine. And Officer Roger gets manipulated just too damn easy.

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