And here we roll, Gloob is on Monday releasing episodes 12 and 18 back to back of Miraculous season 5.

Yea.. so much for having a proper order for the season that depends on it the most!! What a fricken big facepalm :blobcatfacepalm:

Thing that holds me back from this is the fandom on Twitter. What I'll give for the fanbase to get over here on fedi. Thomas, pleaseeeee, jump ship so a lot of the fandom follows 😩

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Already there's some leaks floating around of the S5 finale and other episodes. Haven't even got episode 1 of the English dub out yet 👀 holy moly

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Christians, please leave your religion out of Miraculous where it doe not fucking belong ffs 

Me: goes onto Instagram.
First post in my feed: cute fanart of Adrien from
Text in said post: a bible verse.
Me: can't believe my fucking eyes.

Can Christians ever fucking NOT push their religion into places it does not belong?

Stop converting characters you have no ownership over into something for your weak ass to be able to then accept and love said characters.

What happened to loving others as they are? That's supposedly what your religion teaches. Bahahaha.. yet you do all you can to convert people, and you can't even fucking control yourself with fictional characters and go pushing it onto others in the fandom as well.

Other people are not you, and other people's characters are not YOUR FUCKING characters.

Fuck you christian bigots.

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