Hey @esm, notice you've increased the display name length like I have, well me I've gone to whole new lengths you maybe haven't, but ssme issue comes up that is displayed on @chfour's profile, it pushes the follow button off the screen.

I've fixed this behaviour by doing the following CSS that changes the follow button to have an absolute position and attached to the right, and then unset that absolute positioning at 600px and change the display name max width to be 55vw, aka 55% of the window width.

.public-layout .public-account-header__tabs__tabs__buttons { position: absolute; right: 0; }

@media screen and (max-width: 600px) {
.public-layout .public-account-header__tabs__tabs__buttons { position: unset; }
.public-layout .public-account-header__tabs__name { max-width: 55vw; }

And so it has the effect as seen on mine, it doesn't push it off.

No idea how long the public UI is going to last with Mastodon v4.x replacing it with the signed out web ui, but well this is a fix, and yea I hope to preserve the public ui for as long as can with how I've customised mine.

Fediblock, goyslop[.]cafe, racism, n-word, slurs 


Racism, slurs, soapbox instance, seems tied to beefyboys possibly.

Left out my friend's second response as was caught out a bit by this interaction.

Any ideas anyone? Trying to unblock the notifications to have certain notifications come through via the web app that aren't coming through via Tusky.. such as new post notifications. But it's set it to automatically blocked and I can't even click on it to unblock. 😩

This is in Brave btw, as signed in two of my accounts so two browsers need 👀

First time going into my well.. since my last post. Damn the chopping down trees and planting three in place really has done a lot to say the last lmfao


@thebiologist837's alt on my instance, the notifications are bugged.. Ém's tried signing in on multiple places, having same error. Everything else is working but the notifications tab, which throws up a something went wrong, a TypeError, null is not an object, evaluating "a.get".

We've worked it down to that it's account specific as I'm having no such problem and Ém has no such problem signed in as @eve.

My instance is on the latest changes of Glitch-Soc as of 10th Sept, and doing that running a git pull along with clearing the instsnce cache didn't help at all. And Ém's so far had no luck with anything.

She's on an iPhone tried signing out, clearing cache and everything, but again didn't happen with Eve, but did with her alt.

Anyone dealt with this, with it only being a specific account having an issue?

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