When someone claims they have read the rules, and then they're immediately caught out, that nope, they have not read the rules because the rules clearly show they need to be 16+. 👀

Read the rules of what you're joining please folks. 🙃

16 here 👀
17 if we're not including BB guns into it, and 18 if one wouldn't associate swimming on the English south coast, aka channel as swimming in the ocean xD.


Explore.. PLEASE stop 👀 This is not the cat content I want. And I love cats and all but this should all be Miraculous posts, the stuff I actually press like on 👀

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// food, burgers 

Is my keyboard hungry? Just immediately popped up when going to gifs 😂

Just noticed this, our neighbour has alo g their drive.

Nationalist much. How people can still support this fucked up union and the royal family unless you're a fascist.

Still, I guess at least you didn't paint your whole house into a union jack..

Witches.live. Anna accused me of being a Nazi for showing support for my Ukrainian friends. 

Ok, looks like disqordia.space is one for the blocks too.

I just fucking know they aren't acting, or at least I hope not, like this around someone for having the Palestinian flag.. that how can one be a Hamas sympathiser, or be there caring about who hate our existence anyway right.. because there so isn't people like you and me among them, that for as long as Palestinian people face ethnic cleansing day after day.. queer Palestinians will forever be trapped.

Doing this, or showing agreement with someone doing this with people being in support for Ukraine, for Ukrainians, fuck you.

I originally decided to shout out your instance on my about Eris as a pleroma instance to consider. But I retract that. I can't keep people around that thinks, or can look past, implying someone is a Nazi for showing support to a country being invaded.

Even if a tiny fraction of Ukraine does have fascism, which I'm not going to speak for that.. but what definitely is so, it's not a scratch on the levels of facism that holds a strong presence across the rest of the continent.

Facism, nationalism can all fuck off. And so can the idea of borders, of states. But again, for as long as Ukrainians are fighting for their land, for as long as my Ukrainian friends are involved, for as long as those that are fooled by Putler's propaganda continue to be so, I will continue loudly showing support to the occupied.

Slava Ukrajini. Fuck you Russian Warship, and if you are not on Ukrainian peoples side in this, and are calling Ukraine a Nazi state, fuck you too.

Call France a Nazi state too while you're at it after that fucked up parliamentary election. Call everyone Nazis that would stand with France against being invaded again while you're at it. Because that is really helpful at all.

Fuck you.

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