certainly is a damn nice client. I so love that I can go back and fore between pages without losing where |I am in the feed/thread. That is absolutely awesome.

It will be great when lists are implemented.. and since it's more or less going to become a replacement to since no longer being maintained, it'd be great to be able to customise what the home page is, such as a list.

I do like that the local and federated feeds are placed at the bottom of the menu.

I love the way that alt text is toggled on media that you have a pop up box which stays until you dismiss.

The wellness features that Pinafore has also being implemented is great. Though it'd be great for the ability to hide whether an account is mutuals with you since that's also a wellness feature.

Bit interesting the greyscale mode with the coloured links/buttons.

Pinafore is still legendary in its speed. It is fricken lightening fast and will be sad to see Pinafore not picked up kept maintained by someone. But Elk is definitely really awesome for sure.

And you even have editing with it too which is sweet.

The way it handles long bios too is cool.

Would be nice with the pins though for it to display up top when an account has pinned posts, since you may just completely miss their existence completely being hidden in the three dots menu.

Question is though, does Elk work with , will it? Will be super important that it does if Pinafore stops being functional.

Edit: so there's , a continuum of Pinafore. Fabulous!

Edit 2: okay.. so content warnings aren't getting carried over in replies with Elk. Hope you get that sorted Elk as that's pretty important.

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Elk is fucking slow but Pinafore IS STILL alive but in a different way for now :-) 

It's @semaphore which you can try at


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