So I just noticed this, I see that, after 4 and half years of running their instance have made the biggest version jump possibly in Mastodon's history.

They were until end of November still running v2.4.2 from June 2018 when they launched their instance. They are now, after all this time, on v3.5.3 from May 2022.

To show how remarkable of a step that is.. they held 3rd place for the oldest instance version still live. Now they hand that trophy to that runs v2.5.2 from October 2018.

In second place there is (nsfw) running v2.4.0 from May 2018.

In first place, the Mastodon instance that holds the record in being the oldest version still live, is, running v2.1.0rc3 from December 2017.

Well done Greenpeace in making some fedi history lmfao.. even though running a web facing software that out of date is absolutely reckless.. still.. well done on setting records I guess.


Now it's actually only a just shy of a four year version jump since v2.4.2 came out in mid June 2018 and v3.5.3 came out end of May 2022.

If another instance existed still live on v2.4.2 and updated to v3.5.3 back in around early July last year, just before I found all the mentioned oldest version record holders, then that would hold the record for the biggest version jump.

But I very much doubt that'd be so. And in regards of who can take that record away from Greenpeace?

Right now, the only two possible candidates able to take it is vipgirlfriend and pritter. Not even would be able to take the record away if it updated right now directly to v4.0.2.. as there's 5 versions + 5 release candidates between v2.4.2 and v2.5.2.. meanwhile there's 2 versions + 2 backports + 4 release candidates between v3.5.3 and v4.0.2.

So despite that v2.5.2 came out in October 2018, and v4.0.2 came out in November 2022, which is just over 4 years.. that jump would leave catdon 2 releases short of Greanpeace's jump.

If catdon wants to be on par with Greenpeace's record, they'll have to wait out til version v4.0.4, or longer if they want to top Greenpeace's record. But then the question might be could they even do it? Is there a reason that Greenpeace jumped to v3.5.3 and not directly to v4.0.2 besides the big ui change.. something of which they had a huge ui change regardless with how Mastodon was back in 2018.

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