Anotger reminder folks please can you not have fucking flashing colour emojis without content warnings. Don't put them in your display names and better yet admins don't have them on your instances.

It's not your problem exactly that Mastodon is absolutely pathetic with that these emojis federate back across all the damn time, that there's no filtering ability which from what I know Akkoma allows that.

But still.. please, don't use them. Yes we can disable animated emojis and Mastodon has that by default, but some software and clients do have it automatically enabled. And I simply don't want to disable to prevent myself boosting/replying to something that may be seizure inducing to someone else that comes across it due to that.

@freeplay psa ↑ considering it's often a result of someone you've boosted that said person has a flashing colour blob emoji in their display name.

I guess I could go all in with the filters though filter the names of these. And then for others on my instance I can just share the list for them to add to their filters etc.

But then there's just such a huge fricken variety of them it's so annoying.

What would be problem solved would be if when deleting, and yea disabling and deleting doesn't work either.. what would work wiuld be if it gave the option to delete and filter, so they are filtered out from federating back across.

Then I wouldn't need to faff about with all the damn names as such. And they wouldn't be federating back across when I don't want them. I think what would be good is for Mastodon to implement a setting that just... doesn't play animated emojis & doesn't automatically start playing gifs

Preferably, this should be part of the setup after you make an account

I'll see if there's a similar issue for it (probably is) and if not I'll make one

@freeplay that setting does also work for emojis too, which is good, and that's by default disabled, but then I don't want to unintentionally boost things without realising like maybe say you've got it disabled and you boost without realising and that then again not all clients and software does have it off by default or even the option to. Preferably it would need to be an option you should be presented with while making an account (Those pages that explain how Mastodon works & have you follow instance selected accounts)

@freeplay yes there's so much that should be displayed when you create an account.

• Suggest your account to others.
• Opt in to search indexing.
• Show your social graph.

And then also ask about:
• Follow requests.
• Choose your default privacy.

And yea that also, whether to have gifs/emojis auto animated. I think this is something 's Calckey does well (At least from what I remember, I forget what options it showed exactly (if not than pssst hey you should do this))

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