, how can I let moderator status users access the federation settings page without them being promoted to an administrator?

Is there permissions somewhere I can set to give that access?

Also.. how does one demote an administrator? You can't from the UI and I can't find that lmfao.

Ok Jasja no longer admin lmfao, to remove an admin, do it from the CLI with tootctl:

"tootctl accounts modify <user> --role user"

That will set it back to a standard user :p

Ok so update on this considering Mastodon has changed the way roles are since I think they made the change to purple which I now am aware of since obviously updating..

The user role is now no role, which I have no idea what it'd be within tootctl, but anyway, you're able to change the role within the UI now to remove admins as the owner.

I think it was just before "user", "moderator" and "admin". And so you set someone as an admin, you couldn't remove their admin from the UI.

But now there's "No role", "Moderator", "Admin" and "Owner". As the Owner you can therefore modify the role of admins.

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