I am so in love with ..

But bumpy figuring things out, and well.. your two best options with Delta seem to be , or if you are lucky to have an invite for it.

You need an email that you can use IMAP with. Delta advertises that , all work and so.. but their IMAP functionality is a premium feature. Just like with .

works.. if you're on and have , you can get by without needing to setup two factor authentication and connecting you phone to it. Oh, having troubles trying to get a google account without being forced to give your number? Sign up from desktop.. not from your phone.

But on , you do jot have OAuth as an option and your only solution is app specific passwords, which does require two factor authentication.

Gmail is kinda slow with Delta, because of the 20 second delay I think it is that Gmail does before actually sending so you can unsend. Plus Gmail has a limit on how much you can send a day through IMAP.. so you talking a lot on it with a friend instant messaging.. welp you may reach the threshold fast.

Outlook is the better way to go to not connect a phone.. though you will very possibly experience outlook's absolutely atrocious 15 stage captcha puzzle where you pick the tile wuth teo matching pieces.. you will get that if you're using private browsing, blocking trackers and such. Absolutely the nost painful captcha challenge I've ever experienced. But well it's worthwhile, as it logs in no problems.

There's a chance you might experience Microsoft locking the account. I did, though that was likely because I was testing around with a clone of the app and a second email and they saw that sussy. And so to unlock the account, you have to put in a phone number, it can be any, not associated to your account, but it can't be a VoIP, to confirm a code to unlock the account.

I hope that wouldn't be a normal thing.. but yea.. that's sucky.

You can have the chat emails deleting from the server though, so they're only on your device, and you backup and restore in actually much faster and easier ways than what other chat apps are like.

But multi account functionality from ehat I experienced can be dodgy.. and it f'd up my chat history. Try this stuff out folks at the start.. before you lose your precious convos.. so I'm glad I did that lmfao.

Compared to , and and where backup and restoring is between iOS and iOS or Android and Android.. hard doing between.. and then , that doesn't yet have any backup functionality.. and that is instance based, is up in the cloud which is great, but backing up and restoring your chat history keys is just more complex at least to get an understanding over.. even though it's super simple once you realise what you're doing.

But all Delta is.. you just export the backup, it saves a sqlite db file inside a .tar with other data, svses it to your downloads folder, and you just take it with you to your new device, place it in the downloads folder and when you open Delta and are met with the login screen, choose the "Restore From Backup" button and it automatically finds that .tar file and boom, you're logged back in, your chats are all there.. and I suppose if you changed your password in the process.. you just go to settings and update the password and then bam back working.

It's so so so so simple. Even though again.. mukti account.. I feel iffy with that lmfao.

What's a shame though is media attachments, only one can be sent per message. So like Matrix in that regard too actually that they're separate. Same with , Viber and , they're shown seperate, unlike WhatsApp, though that's sometimes a bit finicky. Honestly.. 's way of media attachments is simply the most awesome.. in channels just gosh, the aesthetics can create from messages with up to 10 media, can be mix of images and videos. Just it's amazing and I love it and wish more stuff could be like it. I wish that I cluld have a thread with posts up to 10 or so mix of images/videos. The epicness that'd be.

But well yea besides that, it's honestly an amazing app.. as a instant messenger feel while emailing friends, or a full on end on end encrypted instant messaging when the others have the app too. Not to mention the groups, that's going to be epic.

The app definitely has so much feel to it that I like about Telegram tbf with the UI, though it's a whole mix and match which is cool.

Delta do need to update the email services they're displaying on the login screen, as supported, as just that creates a false hope that ooo I can use my Zoho custom domain email.. only to be reminded you can't without upgrading for IMAP.. same with MailFence, and then Proton too.

I could use my Zoho as I do have it upgraded to have my multiple domains, and then all aliased and everything, which is super epic.

But then na, I want it more personal, which my domain email I don't really use for such for personal friend emailing lol.

Welp.. Ém got her outlook locked too so looks like y'all are going to have this with outlook.. still better than a lot of thr other options out there that you are forced to have a number linked to the account, but still bad that you need a number to get past this. 👀

So for the iOS version of the app.. it has a glitch.

Opening to view media full screen, there's no way to get out of it other than reopen the app 👀

So on iOS.. @delta, how is one expected to restore a backup if it's expected to be in the Delta Chat folder, but in order to create the Delta Chat folder you have to be signed in and export a backup for the folder to be created as it's an app folder, but then there's not sign out option.. so you reset/reinstall the app and boom that folder is lost again and déjà vu.

How do you sort that out? . On Android it just saves it to the downloads folder, and expects it in the downloads folder when restoring.

What would make it easier, two things:

• Let us pick the .tar file to restore manually if it can't auto detect it.
• In settings, let us restore the backup whilst signed in that will keep newer messages/chats intact but give the older chat history.

Okayyyyyy so , just like does have a fucking daily limit and hahahahahaha just reached the quota...

About 150 or something is what it took to reach the quota... And then well it's double if not triple that because of read receipts with are actually also emails too.. so this might of been an easy 500. 👀

Email as instant messaging, how charming 👀


So, yea.. for this.. you need something with zero quota 👀

Having your own email server to get away from this.. it could work.. but then if you're mailing outside to other email domains.. you may end up with your email domain blocked for spam.. so you all fast paced chatting, best if you do all from being on the same mail server 👀

@jase Messages quotas can be a problem but for many users that is not the case. It is a limit and some providers are better with their limits than others. You might find this comparison useful delta.chat/en/2022-01-16-dapsi

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