How to enable Masto's edit button: 

In these 4 files (only last 2 for non glitch-soc):

  • app/javascript/flavours/glitch/components/status_action_bar.js
  • app/javascript/flavours/glitch/features/status/components/action_bar.js
  • app/javascript/mastodon/components/status_action_bar.js
  • app/javascript/mastodon/features/status/components/action_bar.js

Uncomment the following line:

  • menu.push({ text: intl.formatMessage(messages.edit), action: this.handleEditClick });

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@meave, I finally went ahead and did it with the edit button! And it, at least now, works on older posts than when you enabled it.

The first post here being one such example that was posted before I updated things, and edited afterwards.

Couple other examples, my pinned posts, had a couple long posts pinned. Now CW'd. 😌

Thanks for showing that back then how to 💛

P.S, the changes made via editing isn't yet seeable by or . Going to guess other software is the same also. Nor are they seeable for older Masto instances than version 3.5.X.

Probably won't be something for a long time with other software, so generally redrafting is still better, but then there's times that just cannot happen, so having it is great!

So this was my first update experiencing how things work with that obviously I've edited files for my whole theme.

Whenever there's an update to a file you've edited, git will halt and list said files, so I just delete, have it pull the new, then put my edits back and boom.


Basically, I have an "edits" folder next to the "live" folder, with same directory structure with the files I edited and then everything removed acceot for showing the edits and where to put said edits. Definitely works a charm!

One thing that got me though, Ruby needing an update from 3.0.3 to 3.0.4. But now, do a git pull in the ".rbenv" folder to get latest changes. Then back in the "live" folder, install new version like "rbenv install 3.0.4", and after everything, what I chose to do as the last step, "rbenv uninstall 3.0.3".

Okay, update thanks to confirming with @naia.

can see edits made on Mastodon posts.

Pleroma doesn't though, nor from what I've seen Misskey can either. Does see edits :misskey:

Mastodon can also see edits on Akkoma posts too!

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