FFS PayPal.. I set so it uses my Revolut card in USD so no exchange rate as I use the exchange rate on Revolut instead (internet rate)..

AND YOU STILL want to charge me this ridiculous fee to send $ to a friend. 😫


And then every attempt I do with sending a share URL from Revolut that you put in your local bank details and it should be like local transfer rather than international..

And I've never had any fricken luck with it and just get friends hopes up 🤦‍♂️

I remember once uears back trying to send a donation I think it was on justgiving or something, that a friend set up for a friend who was in hospital.

And they thought I retracted from a change of mind which it was it just reverted because of issues :(


And I tried again with Cashapp with a US friend, who said they'd fixed their problem with what caused me not to be able to send anything last time, or rather them being able to receive.

Now.. it's hitting me with the "We don't allow transfers between countries at this time".

Mine is UK, theirs is US, so WTF? This should be working and there is nothing I can find from searching about them not letting you even do US/UK transfers.. just that the US/UK are the only ones supposedly able to transfer between.

Anyone have any ideas?

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