You know that thing where people make fun of a terrible opinion by writing it in a mixture of upper and lower case? It's probably not a good idea.

Screenreader software used by blind or partially-sighted people interprets capital letters as the beginning of a word.

This means that a phrase written as "FiNe PEopLe oN BoTh siDeS" will sound like gibberish.

If accessibility matters to you, try to avoid doing this.

#FediTips #Accessibility #A11y

@catboy @feditips Screenreaders don't make a difference between italic and non-italic afaik… That would make it seem as if it was actually your opinion


@catboy @Namenlosxy @feditips oh, one thing on this I just came back to.. or, use the tone tag for sarcasm "/s" or "/sarc".

Even better that. Though again tone tags are kind of not exactly screen reader friendly because it just will say "s" not "slash s". But then they're such a universal thing for displaying tone that is as needed as screen readers for many..

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