OH LOL, trust that as soon as I create a server, that creates the first spawn on an island. This happened with my server as well LOL.

Well this took a bit of figuring out but got there.

Got the whole world protected with the Areas mod, so users are effectively guests by default, same thing I have on my Minecraft server, like how you have it on Bedrock with guest mode.

Little how to for protecting the entire server's world with Areas mod in :

Install the Areas mod.

In "Minetest.conf" at the bottom add the line:
"areas.self_protection = true".
This enables you to be able to use the mod.

In your server, do the following chat command:
"/grantme all"
This will enable you to well.. be the admin and have all perms.

To protect the whole world do the following commands:

"/area_post1 -32000,-32000,-32000",
"/area_post2 32000,32000,32000",
"/protect <a_name>".

Bam, you now have the whole world protected.

Now if you want to provide access to users, do the following commands:

"/list_areas". This'll list your created area and the id, which will be "1" if it's your first area. It also shows this at the bottom left corner.

"/select_area <id>",
"/set_owner <user> <id>".

That user now has interact access to the area. you'll see at the bottom it technically treats it as a second area, so will have an individual area id for that user.

If you want to remove the user's interact access to the area, do:

"/remove_area <id>".. making sur eyou do the right id of course.

Very nice and easy that is for sure.


Ok, update, so there's actually not even any need for the Areas mod.

Just go into minetest.conf, go to "default_privs" and you can remove the interact privilege, so new players by default have a guest mode with no interaction ability.

Then you can just grant players the interact privilege by:

"grant <player> interact".

What I'm also using is the Server News mod

Which I use for welcome info, and it has by default a "news_bypass" privilege. If you edit the lua file to remove the top part it registering that privilege, and you edit where that privilege gets used to the "interact" privilege, then you only need to assign users the interact privilege and bam that server news pop up on join will not show again unless you fo the "/news" command.

So that's one mod not needed now that worked that out.

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