Gosh I absolutely despise though on here that you can't capitalise user tags for accessibility.

The wolf and cat text art in my bio from what I can tell.. it doesn't cause havoc for screen readers as they just skip, so that's good for unimportant information.

The social links I have in my bio, I'm going to extend the meta data limit on here to move them there, probably I'll put the limit to 10 meta data entries (the place where you put links, pronouns and things generally.

As the links in my bio, screen readers just go on FOREVER with those links.

I removed the seperator emojis I had between my character user tags, as that didn't help. But it still would help a lot more if I could capitalise the tags so it's not just saying the tags indistinguishable to the ear by just saying letters with some of them like Jasja, and then of course LoupJauneNoir, which if they were capitalised like that, it wouldn't do that lmao ._.

Now, also, my little cute bunny text art:

( • . •)
/ > 🥞 Eat this if you dare 🏳️‍🌈


Screen readers read that as "underscore, underscore, greater than".. before going onto saying "pancakes, eat this if you dare, rainbow flag".

If anyone has any tips of making that bunny be more accessible to not do that, that'd be sweet.

Looks more correct though in the bio lmao, in a post it's messed up

Right moves the social links now down after extending the amount of profile meta datas can have added. Much better.

I just sure wish Tusky would be able to register when the instance enables you to add more than the default that is 4 lol.

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