I can never get enough of the Miraculous World orchestral theme.

Always just so mesmerising.

@jase Omg. My son watches that... If you're talking about the ladybug superhero show, that is. Yes. The theme is pretty epic!

@Mooncake yuppp 😁 Must be the 8th watch through I'm going through of the show since being hooked as soon as I came across it back in Nov 2020.

Here's a gigantic playlist of animatics, AMVs, covers, originals, remixes and the official music and all.

Definitely something I absolutely love also watching through when I'm not reading fanfics or watching the episodes or looking at fan art and reading comics and watching comic dubs and everything.

Obviously discretion is advised depending on your son's age and all that some have really intense themes.. like Chat Blanc episode level but taken further.

Here's the playlist for specifically music wise though of official/original/remixes/covers.

Thiugh again, there's a couple, like one who did an original continued version of the "Little kitty on the roof all alone without his lady" song Chat sings in Chat Blanc episode.. which of course, with that episode being the most intense of the series, is a very intense song. So again, discretion is advised depending on age, but I hope your son will love it 😊💛

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