Just noticed this, our neighbour has alo g their drive.

Nationalist much. How people can still support this fucked up union and the royal family unless you're a fascist.

Still, I guess at least you didn't paint your whole house into a union jack..

@jase Some of us brits can be Patriotic and not fascists. I love the fact we have a Queen and wish she had more power.

Doesn't make me a fascist

I am proud to be British.


@BritishGamer dunno how one can love love anything about that racist and pedo protecting family. It's just fucked and this union is fucked, and that union jack is nothing more than a hate symbol at this point.

@jase I don't like Andrew or what he's done, obviously and would love nothing more to see him kicked out of the family. Hopefully the next throne sitter will do just that.

In the meantime we just have to put up with the Queens decision I suppose. What else can we do?

@BritishGamer Not being a stan for what is nothing more than a reminder of this fucked up nation's colonialism.

Down with all monarchies. They do not have a place being in today's world.

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