// terfs

And then I go onto Instagram to see one of my close friends just fallen for that lesbians united terf crap going on about puberty blockers.

Fuck terfs 🙄

// Terfs

The way terfs disguise what actually simply is the want to erase trans people and kids from existence.. the way they disguise it through language that seems reasonable, and that things get to the point that their blatant journey through the nazi playbook is even seen as reasonable..

Just fuck terfs seriously.

// Terfs, friend drama.

This friend, so they've fallen deep into the TERF trap, where they're feeling it's all a tragedy and so on, all the repeated terf lies.

I hate to just do the instantaneous blocking yet again, this time with this friend and their partner I'd always deemed close friends for 6+ years.

But, I just can't try point them any more to sense. I'm just fed up of showing others sense. I'm just fucking here to exist. Yet there's always something that someone posts that I just can't ignore. And trying to at least do something rather than just abruptly blocking, it back fires.

I put off reading my friend's response for the whole day. But I knew what to expect considering they'd not suddenly taken down their story that was in agreement of the terfs.. as if they didn't realise and I made them realise it was just terfs being the fascists they are, my friend would of immediately taken down that story, probably too would of apologised probably.

I'm glad I did put off reading their response. I hope for their sake they realise the load of crap they're being fooled by for the crap that it is.

But, I just can't wait around hoping for that. What a fucking week.

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