Might as well call everyone a Nazi who'd stand by France if France got invaded again, through false pretences.. after that fucked up parliamentary election.

Even if Ukraine does have a little bit of shit people.. which is impossible for literally every country on earth to not be without shitty, far right extremists being at least almost near to holding a seat in power... Even if Ukraine does, none of what is happening to Ukraine is okay.. and it's not even a scratch on how extreme the far right holds a presence across the rest of the continent.

Fuck nations, fuck nationalism. But for as long as Ukraine is defending it's land from Putler, and for as long as my Ukrainian friends have to fucking deal with this fuckery, I'm continuing showing my support to them, and you can fuck well off if you're going to be like that.

And you may think you're doing people a favour keeping your outdated fucked up mess online for the active 500 users rather than take it offline. But it isn't doing anyone a favour at all. You may be salty with things after spending a good many few years at it.. and it's okay that you've fallen out of interest, and that keeping something such as Mastodon maintained isn't something for you.

But if it's to that point, TAKE IT DOWN for the sake of protecting people's privacy. You have no idea if your version has known vulnerabilities that are just one bad actor away from being exploited, with user's data put at risk.

If you're going to keep this instance up and don't update it, and that happens, you are complicit. Either update it, or take it down. Stop thinking you're doing anyone any favours by letting them unknowingly use 2 and half+ year outdated software, with open registrations at that too.

Take some responsibility. And also, again, fuck you if you're going to side with Russian propaganda, all whilst claiming to not be supportive of Putin. Fuck you.

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