Currently on a fun ip hunt of blocked instances to block things too at the firewall level. is fricken superb.. especially also for all the bunch of instances and all that are hiding behind cloudflare. And damn it's pointing out just how connected and associated many of these alt right instances are.

Honestly, fediverse software should have an option to block an instance's IP when you block said instance, so that it IS INDEED a two way street that unless there's a change of the blocked instance's IP, the blocked instance cannot access your instance at all.

Obviously users can still publicly view your instance and it's publicly viewable content.. but just the same as any other social media with blocks.

Definitely nice seeing posts no longer going over to poast for example. WHY did I only just darn think of doing this lmao. It makes so much sense. 👀

Though.. all those using dynamic dns services to host their instances, obviously no stopping them xD.

Well.. it doesn't always work, some simply are too well hidden with cloudflare. But still, generally it's a fabulous tool.

Do have to be wary though that not all servers that show up in the results are necessarily always associated, such as relays or such, so always check what it is and all. Though still it really uncovers A LOT.


Right, after ages spent with this, which there's some missing as they're hidden too good, but basically all the big players I've got the ip of so added to the firewall.

Here's the IP block list csv:

And again, the other two csv files:

The domain block list export from my instance:

And the same block list, but in the CSV format expected for importing as domain blocks as a regular user:

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