@stux@mstdn.social Oooh, was curious to see what it looked like but I couldn't find images anywhere lol

@freeplay From yesterday on their blog :blobcheerwitch: A bit Masto + Pleroma it seems

@freeplay Can always try indd! 💪 see how flexible they are :blobcatgiggle:


@stux @freeplay honestly it'll be great come hopefully in the next couple years if things really improve big time with the hog that Mastodon is, if something like this can be an alternative project that one can migrate to from Mastodon that is more efficient, and has a lot of the features that Pleroma has, to attract reasons someone would use Pleroma, but then not the shitty things about Pleroma that make it the number one for bad actors. 👀

The 20s sure need to do fedi some real progress.

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