So many things are, undeniably, exactly what they seem.

If said thing isn't what it seems, often the very fact said thing came across like such, is the very problem itself that is maybe impossible to get past.

But wow, yea this was a big damn lesson that some things are so much more complex and not that simple.

I'm so aggressive when it comes to ensuring my social circle is safe. Most times I will say I'm right in doing so.

Whether it's undeniably the case that someone is a pos, or that the way they acted, the handling of the situation and hurt caused, is something that cannot be looked past.. I'm right in doing so there.

But then there's things that aren't so cut and dry at all.

CWs for so many things. Racism, queerphobia, nazism, trump supporters, you name it. 

Blocking one of my closed friends just like that over what simply happened to be them accidentally follow an individual and forget they were following them.. after me saying so much about how bad that individual is. I'm glad they block evaded to clear that up.

Though, another person I'd been friends with since 2012, who happened to be still showing public support for this individual after I'd spent so much telling them why they're bad.. that one on the other hand, I was angry. Sure don't take just my word for it, but giving so much damn voices for them to hear about that individual being bad.. and I later see they're still supporting them.

Another good friend, after seeing how right wing their family and family friends are and all.. it has had me so close to just calling a quits, especially also that they're not being entirely sensible with who they interact on Instagram and such.

But for all I know there, it's literally not safe for them to cut off family and family friends and maybe school friends and whatever, with them still being around that age point. And if it's naivety, then I hope they learn. For now, I just continue to block everyone I involved I see are unsafe individuals, or at least people that should know fricken better. Like their parents should know better.

Maybe they'll soon discover and wonder why I'm blocking everything. Simple because I'm protecting my space and no one has the authority to be in it, not when they very evidently are against queer people's existence.

I blocked back in 2020 just instantly, two of who had been in my YouTube gaming circle since 2015.. because they turned out to be very vocal Trump supporters upon seeing their Twitter.

The third one from that circle, I thought they were still cool, though how I thought I could stay friends for long when they're staying friends with the other two.

But I blocked them just outright without any interaction after seeing them retweet someone having a go at the queer community on Twitter for being such "immature" "babies" regarding discovering the creator of Friday Nights at Freddy's had been financially supporting notable members of Trump's cult.

They can say they're supporting all they want, but agreeing with someone having a go at the community that was fucking upset with what cam to light.. because you put the creator and the game over the fact their actions hurt people.. it's fucked up.

Then someone who blocked me for calling that immortal queen in Buckingham Palace a racist old b***h when the racism against Meghan Markle came to light.. fuck that one who I thought of as a good friend. But if they're going to put their admiration of Lizzie first over even asking me what's got me so railed up. Fuck them.

But, of course they knew, and it's just racism at play that they didn't believe that, and obviously was so disgusted in me.

And then another friend again around that time, who'd I'd gone on trips throughout since 2014 to 2019 to bus rallies and so on, seeing them and a friend find a racist meme against Meghan funny.. a meme with a bird pooping on Meghan's head as a message from the queen...

I was fucking sick by that, and it's the very thing that's basically destroyed my enthusiasm around buses and trains.. well along with my local bus route switching from an hourly service to every 4 hours shich fucked up my interest completely... Which then back in January, the route was suspended totally, leaving my village with nothing. Which has been restored.. well half restored, but still a very lackluster timetable.

Someone from last year who I thought was cool, I blocked them after them posting on their story some nazi, racist, and anti-vax memes. They didn't think at all, but it spoke so much if they had thr capability to find that shit funny.

My grandmother is one I literally threatened to if she ever involved with us again after the way she implied and said a lot of fucking disgusting shit about me when I came out as non-binary. The disgusting things she said to my mum to. She called up a few weeks later after that ordeal, on HER BIRTHDAY expecting to just be forgiven for the sake of that she's vold, not with the times.

She's in all the bad ways everything like the queen she so looks up to. But someone she should of took note from instead of that racist pedo protecting family.. Betty White. She's proof age never was an excuse.

Fuck my gran & all most of my family too.

All that stuff.. I was fucking right to immediately block, and I'll always continue to be aggressive to protecting my social circle and space. Shit is just not on.

But god, kiwifarms using evidence that simply just shows the act this one put amidst a sting operation to get information as an investigator.. an act they did at the expense of their own image and relationships, fuck this was not anything I ever comprehended.

Things are not fucking cut and dry at all at times.

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