Ok folks, predators cannot be reformed, and dating said predator you know was a predator, even if in your view they had reformed.. is fucking not OKAY.

You need to remove yourself from my social circle if you think anything different to that.

Said individual and the instance said individual runs has been added to the blocklist.

I was not fucking expecting to find this out searching said individual's name in Twitter.

Ok, so I this is the person's response to me defederating them.

This does not add up to the screenshots and recordings on Twitter of what you said regarding this.

What do you expect me to do? All I fucking thought I'd see on Twitter upon you deleting your tweets and searching your name would be the transphobic abuse.

I did not expect this. And I am not prepared to keep someone in my social circle, who I fricken adored interacting with may I add, who's dated a predator knowing they were a predator and justifying and victim blaming.

You know, I'm quite lost what to make out of this, besides that this is not what I expected at all, and I want no fucking part of it.

The transphobic abuse is not right. But neither is this, and I cannot keep you in my social circle after discovering this.

And if what you say was the truth, how about you go telling everyone you're stepping into the social circles of, about this stuff about you that's going around, but hey this is what it actually is. Let us have fucking consent to let you in our social circle rather than let us find this shit out for ourselves.

Or well, no one has the right to know everything about a person, but stop being surprised that people do not take this lightly, that hey we may of just let into our circle a sexual predator sympathisor.

To say I'm livid is an understatement.

As per my Twitter,

IT'S FUCKING Kiwifarms. The OP in question who posted said evidence, that's from when this person was putting on an act in the midst of a sting.. the fucking OP is "non-touch" zoophile. So everything they said gets thrown out the window and taken with a grain of salt, and absolutely definitely from KiwiFarms.

FUCK Kiwifarms are fucking effective 😬

I'm livid and disappointed still yes, that I found this out LIKE THIS. But I'm not disappointed or livid at the psrson who literally legally can only say so much.

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