Hey @Gargron, I'm loving Mastodon, but features I'd really love to see being introduced for improved usability and safety, especially important for the more the fediverse scales up:


1) Let users be able to mute or block entire instances.

The current mute functionality acts more as a block denying engagement if you simply just want to to curate your federated timeline removing instances that post mainly in a language you don't speak.. but still be able to engage with users by them still being able to follow you and you be able to see notifications from them.. if you specify to not have notifications hidden, like how you can with muting individual users.


2) As an instance admin, let us have the option to able to silence instances but not hide notifications.

Again, same as above, this would enable content curation. Though I'd personally prefer the above over this if we had to choose between, as I'd prefer users have that control.


3) Suspending remote users, they get lost in the list of all federated suspensions by other instances of said users.

Seeing what individual remote users you've suspended from your instance for whatever reasoning, they're buried among all the 100s of suspensions that get federated through by other instances suspending their local users.

It would be nice to have a filter for that list to only show the remote users your server has suspended, not others.


4a) Import/Export functionality for the user suspensions like domain blocking.

With the above filter implemented, add an export and import option so they can be passed as a blocklist for others to import on their instances or for users to import as user blocks. This would complete things a lot more than simply having this for domain blocking.


4b) With the above in place, we could have something like Block Together, in the form of basically relays for blocks using these exports that instances and users can subscribe to.

Mastodon and other fediverse software would of course have to add that functionality to be able to have instances and users alike be able to subscribe to these blocklists, in the same kind of way as relays. But it definitely could be really good and save users having to go into their settings and manually import said lists, which don't auto update, so just more user friendly.


5) Expand on push notification options beyond just notification type.

I do want to be notified when I'm mentioned, and as an admin I definitely actually do want to always be notified so I can immediately know when shit is going down and I need to block some bad actors.

But generally on social media, I only want to have a push notification from users I follow, or that I follow and that follow me. I don't want to mute everyone else, but I simply just don't want them in my oush notifications.

Add options so we can for each notification type choose between everyone, those we follow, those we follow and that follow us, and/or from the local instance, or off entirely.


6) Let users hide replies from their own posts.

You as a user block someone because they're an ass who's being toxic in your replies on your own post/thread. You won't any longer see their replies. But other users who don't have them blocked will still see their toxicity in your post's replies.

Add the functionality for users to be able to hide said replies from their posts besides just block. As then that toxicity isn't going to be displayed, which then is only going to be seen coming across said reply via other means.


The fediverse is great, and Mastodon is great. Having tools that's simply impossible on other platforms such as blocking entire instances, possibly blocking 100s or 1000s in one go.. it can make the difference between dealing with harassment for a few weeks.. or maybe not even more than a day.

But we definitely really need the 5th and 6th functionality most of all to ensure a safe space is able to stay possible the more the fediverse scales up. But the other things have importance too for an improved experience for those that do want to engage in using said functionality.

@jase I feel like the hiding replies would have to something ActivityPub implements, instead

But also, this place really needs Markdown & Emoji reactions, then I would fully switch over

@freeplay Definitely will be a super thing, as not being able to hide someone that's say posted disturbing images.. as such what the alt right have just tried to do, and only one managed to come through as I'd blocked a lot of the shit already from my instance..

Not being able to at a user level hide from your own posts that shit creates an unsafe place.

Such as how Twitter was super damn annoying in that regard, especially since the uprising of trump causing everything to go out of control. Once Twitter added the hide replies feature, it was a massive help.

No, you're not deleting their replies, it's hiding them from view so one can consent to see said shit by clicking to view hidden replies and obviously folks can still access such from other means such as the user who sent said reply.

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