@Comrade_Tomato @kimbustion

Cookie really does not get it what they're doing there. 🙃

Damn I was right to mute Cookie a while back as I started getting a bad vibe from them.

But for god's sake, I didn't expect this, downplaying someone else speaking about something as it's useless complaining, that it won't solve the issue.. ugh, yea that's sure stating the obvious, because we're just little people.

But it's not useless.. not when many people are being simply forced ro watch ads, that don't have adblock available because Vanced is no more, every other app is a naff stripped down experience, though appealing to some, and adblocking literally doesn't work in the YouTube app.

Saying to just use ad blocking is just unrealistic considering majority of people, use the mobile app. As why setup at a desk or have a laptop on your lap generating heat and using more energy compared to a phone or a tablet which is just more convenient?

It's a lot nicer for folks to be alerted about hey this transphobic shit is making it's rounds on YouTube than being shoved it in their face unsuspected when maybe they're trying to relieve stress by watching their favourite content..

And just generally, leave people to complain about whatever they want to complain about on their own social media etc. Telling people not to, that it's useless to, doesn't solve anything.. yes it does solve something, them getting it out of them.. because talking about things is fucking better than having it sit in your head.

Do better Cookie. Fucking do better.

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