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God every fricken time an exclus implies MSPEC = attraction to men in response to that lesbian ≠ MSPEC.

If you're gay and you include non-binary people in your attraction, that is more than one gender.
If you're lesbian and you include non-binary people in your attraction, that is more than one gender.
If you're straight and you include non-binary people in your attraction, that is more than one gender.

What is more than one gender? Multiple genders. What is Mspec? Man-spectrum? How pathetic so many think that.

Either don't include us in your attraction, or own up that you are NOT Mono, you are infact Mspec.

Saying lesbian means non-men, that it's attraction to women and non-binary people, while still trying to pretend it's mono attraction.. it's simply just you saying non-binary people are women-lite..

If you want to call your attraction mono, stop using exclusive definitions that completely contradict what mono even means. Say "queer attraction to women", "queer attraction to men".

Only when you acknowledge your attraction to be mspec should you be including non-binary people, and others outside the binary, in the definition.

And the non-men, or non-women, definition, is so damn trash and exclusive to multi-gendered people and plural people.

Mspec Gays are valid, Mspec Lesbians are valid. Mspec Straights are valid.. which yes is queer because if you're including non-binary people in your attraction, there's no way about it than to say yes you are queer.

How can hetero be queer? And how can it be inclusive to those that are not binary?

Rather than use the traditional definition that means opposite sex or gender attraction, use this definition:

"Attraction to a gender other than one's own".

That definition even makes it a usable label for people outside of the binary who maybe consider it impossible for one to identify with the same gender identity as them, even if they still identify with the same label.

Hetero actually has more play in it than Lesbian or Gay does when it comes to being mono-spec and including a gender outside of the binary if you use that definition.

There's just no way it works with Lesbian or Gay, because they specifically mention a gender. But hetero, if you aren't using the traditional and outdated definition, it doesn't specifically mention a gender, regardless of one's own gender.

But still, you can't say your hetero attraction exclusively to non-binary people as a whole is mono because you're conflating everything out of the binary as a singlar third gender. It's just as wrong as implying women-lite or men-lite.

You better be acknowledging your attraction as mspec if it involves multiple genders.

You don't have to specifically go ahead and put bi- infront of your label such as bi-straight or bi-lesbian or bi-gay. As long as you're not denying you're mspec.

But then if a person feels the need for one's attraction to use the bi prefix infront, it sure as heck isn't invalidating bisexuals like exclusives make out. How is someone identifying in the way they feel most comfortable with, that speaks for them, how is that invalidating someone else's identity?

Simple, it's not. Saying bit is and dictating how one should identify is called gatekeeping. It is radfem shit.

As long as it's good faith, it's valid, regardless if you understand it or not. Respect people, stop gatekeeping and stop forcing people automatically into attraction they do not belong.

And also stop gatekeeping and invalidating split attraction too, which people have different relationships with depending on if they're singular or plural.

And stop also saying you can't be a straightbian, or straight-gay, which are terms one may use to refer to the direction of their attraction that doesn't change, even though their gender does.

Fuck exclusives.

Much love to mspec lesbians, mspec gays, mspec straigts, straightbians, straight-gays.

And no, straight doesn't in of itself say you're queer. But if you're including non-binary people in your attraction, and that means acknowledging them as non-binary, there's no escaping that your attraction is indeed queer.

And of course, if you're a hetero orientated a-spec, even if it goes for both ace and aro attraction, you are queer because you are not an allo-cishet.

Let's be an inclusive community, not a gatekeeping exclusive community that's always fighting over each other regarding who is more oppressed.

The queer community is complex and messy and abstract and beautiful.

Gatekeeping does nothing but benefit and appease to those that are out to erase all of us as a whole. Stop appeasing to them, and stop using rewritten radfem shit.

Recommended though is to run your own instance or try find an instance that has a lower saturation, aka that isn't so overcrowded, due to Twitter's API limits.

If finding another one's to use, they're usually hosted as "bird.instance.tld" or "birdsite.instance.tld" subdomains. And check it's not using Poast's fork.

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Reminder that twtr . plus and news . twtr . plus are Poast's instances of BirdsiteLive running their fork of the software. is the official domain for the software that has nothing to do with Poast.

Here's the apple script.

Opens up the web browser, which change it to what you're using. I'm using Orion rather than Safari but put to Safari as that is default browser after all.

Then it presses enter, down, enter, tab 3x, enter.

Then it changes back to Script Editor ready for you to tap the run again.

tell application "Safari" to activate
tell application "System Events"
key code 76
key code 125
key code 76
key code 48
key code 48
key code 48
key code 76
end tell
tell application "Script Editor" to activate

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What is getting deleted here specifically, Facebook used to offer the ability to auto sync your camera roll to a private section in your photos.

I unfortunately made use of that back in 2013/early 2014.

Facebook when they stopped that feature, and I think it was around 2016 that they made you save the synced images to a private album so they don't get deleted...

Well, 10,000 images just completely BREAKS it. The only thing that actually is able to open that album is the official mobile app. The mobile website and the desktop website, completely broken.

So, this is the only workable way. Well you could go through doing it on the mobile app, but this is faster and it doesn't put me through seeing all the shit from 9 years ago lmao.

Why I ever used that, but mire so, why did Facebook think offering saving 10,000 images to an album was sensible when said amount of images completely breaks things. 👀

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Can't make it entirely automated as such to run on it's own because it's dependant on the three dots button being tabbed on, and sometimes the tab goes somewhere completely different meaning it breaks what it's supposed to be doing lmao.

So tapping it is.. which is still a lot faster than enter, down, enter, tab tab tab, enter, and repeat. :P

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When an album on Fecebook has so much images in, it's impossible to open it & delete, & I'm deleting all old stuff anyway, so activity log it is.

Using script editor to turn multiple keystrokes into one tap because some things have the select all, but then others don't 🙃.

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It's funny how Adrien seems to know how to play football in Furious Fu episode, yet has absolutely no clue about the game in Penalteam episode 😂

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