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And I tried again with Cashapp with a US friend, who said they'd fixed their problem with what caused me not to be able to send anything last time, or rather them being able to receive.

Now.. it's hitting me with the "We don't allow transfers between countries at this time".

Mine is UK, theirs is US, so WTF? This should be working and there is nothing I can find from searching about them not letting you even do US/UK transfers.. just that the US/UK are the only ones supposedly able to transfer between.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Pay Dirt 

Two men escaped from prison by digging an 80-foot tunnel from their cell to the outside. What did they do with the dirt from the tunnel?

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Rant to people shitposting in fediblock. Plus linked my blocklist spreadsheet found on my instance's about page for others wanting to put out as much trash as possible. 

People who shitpost in the fucking tag, carry on sure, you're free to, but do you have any fucking thought for other people at fucking all?

You make it extremely easy to know to block you fuckwits. Especially when you have fast paced moving imagery all over your fucking instance too at that.

Maybe you're fed up of seeing stuff in the fediblock tag? How about you do the same thing as I do, put the tag as a filter so you don't see it all the time as I'm sure you probably do by looking in you're federated timeline with all the trashy instances you do not block.

You're just making it fucking more aggravating for everyone else who looks in that tag, when they're prepared to, and have to scroll past lots of shit fucks to see any new things they probably do want to block as an admin of an instance.

If others want to tidy up their feed, I'm always adding to my spreadsheet that currently has 1144 entries, 1025 of them being actual instance entries not also associated non instance domain entries etc, with 859 of those being as last I checked live instances, and 446 at least being what I hope you too deem bad actors and not petty blocks.

Ordered in a severity leveling format with a lot of reasoning for the whys of each, with levels 5, 6 and 7 indeed being trash that I honestly want nothing to do with anyone that would disagree with such that think these are petty blocks.

Level 4, I'd recommend blocking too but you do you, I'm not bothered.

Level 3, has many reasons but I'm not claiming to be bad actors at all but does contain a lot, instances that interact a lot with bad actors from especially levels 7 and 6.

Levels 2 and 1 I'm not claiming as bad actors at all either, that's not the intent, just simply shows what I have blocked over just many reasons you may deem petty, which you may deem level 3 and even level 4 stuff petty blocks.

I'm not claiming all to be bad actors, the whole reasoning I spent weeks improving and improving that spreadsheet that just started from me being intrigued how many of thos software and that software is my blocks.

But anyway, the lists can be found on my instance's about page:
Under the "Blocklists" / "Spreadsheet downloads" drop downs.

Please people, fucking think about others rather than spamming drama in the tag. It isn't perfect, and it results in a lot of debate in there all the time that shows up in your feeds with the more you follow and everything. This is why I have an alt specifically for looking in the tag when I'm mentally prepared for it, and besides that, never see it at all from having the fediblock keyword filtered besides notifications.

I just want to look in there as briefly as possible, check out what has been suggested that I usually always see instantly something as most of us do, and be out. 99% of the time it's things I already have blocked. But then you all who shitpost just longify that.

Think about others. Or don't. It's up to you, but don't be surprised when people block you. After all, everyone cries about why don't we communicate first before we block. Firstly, like as if there isn't so fucking much, and that'd be all I'm constantly doing. Secondly.. when we do, y'all just are like "get fucked slur or whatever". So I fucking wonder why.

Stop being such fucking trashbags.

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// Rant / exclus / gatekeeping / Mspec-Lesbian exclus discourse 

God every fricken time an exclus implies MSPEC = attraction to men in response to that lesbian ≠ MSPEC.

If you're gay and you include non-binary people in your attraction, that is more than one gender.
If you're lesbian and you include non-binary people in your attraction, that is more than one gender.
If you're straight and you include non-binary people in your attraction, that is more than one gender.

What is more than one gender? Multiple genders. What is Mspec? Man-spectrum? How pathetic so many think that.

Either don't include us in your attraction, or own up that you are NOT Mono, you are infact Mspec.

Saying lesbian means non-men, that it's attraction to women and non-binary people, while still trying to pretend it's mono attraction.. it's simply just you saying non-binary people are women-lite..

If you want to call your attraction mono, stop using exclusive definitions that completely contradict what mono even means. Say "queer attraction to women", "queer attraction to men".

Only when you acknowledge your attraction to be mspec should you be including non-binary people, and others outside the binary, in the definition.

And the non-men, or non-women, definition, is so damn trash and exclusive to multi-gendered people and plural people.

Mspec Gays are valid, Mspec Lesbians are valid. Mspec Straights are valid.. which yes is queer because if you're including non-binary people in your attraction, there's no way about it than to say yes you are queer.

How can hetero be queer? And how can it be inclusive to those that are not binary?

Rather than use the traditional definition that means opposite sex or gender attraction, use this definition:

"Attraction to a gender other than one's own".

That definition even makes it a usable label for people outside of the binary who maybe consider it impossible for one to identify with the same gender identity as them, even if they still identify with the same label.

Hetero actually has more play in it than Lesbian or Gay does when it comes to being mono-spec and including a gender outside of the binary if you use that definition.

There's just no way it works with Lesbian or Gay, because they specifically mention a gender. But hetero, if you aren't using the traditional and outdated definition, it doesn't specifically mention a gender, regardless of one's own gender.

But still, you can't say your hetero attraction exclusively to non-binary people as a whole is mono because you're conflating everything out of the binary as a singlar third gender. It's just as wrong as implying women-lite or men-lite.

You better be acknowledging your attraction as mspec if it involves multiple genders.

You don't have to specifically go ahead and put bi- infront of your label such as bi-straight or bi-lesbian or bi-gay. As long as you're not denying you're mspec.

But then if a person feels the need for one's attraction to use the bi prefix infront, it sure as heck isn't invalidating bisexuals like exclusives make out. How is someone identifying in the way they feel most comfortable with, that speaks for them, how is that invalidating someone else's identity?

Simple, it's not. Saying bit is and dictating how one should identify is called gatekeeping. It is radfem shit.

As long as it's good faith, it's valid, regardless if you understand it or not. Respect people, stop gatekeeping and stop forcing people automatically into attraction they do not belong.

And also stop gatekeeping and invalidating split attraction too, which people have different relationships with depending on if they're singular or plural.

And stop also saying you can't be a straightbian, or straight-gay, which are terms one may use to refer to the direction of their attraction that doesn't change, even though their gender does.

Fuck exclusives.

Much love to mspec lesbians, mspec gays, mspec straigts, straightbians, straight-gays.

And no, straight doesn't in of itself say you're queer. But if you're including non-binary people in your attraction, and that means acknowledging them as non-binary, there's no escaping that your attraction is indeed queer.

And of course, if you're a hetero orientated a-spec, even if it goes for both ace and aro attraction, you are queer because you are not an allo-cishet.

Let's be an inclusive community, not a gatekeeping exclusive community that's always fighting over each other regarding who is more oppressed.

The queer community is complex and messy and abstract and beautiful.

Gatekeeping does nothing but benefit and appease to those that are out to erase all of us as a whole. Stop appeasing to them, and stop using rewritten radfem shit.

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Just thought I'd lay some ground rules for anyone in my social circle in case I haven't made it clear enough. 

Just thought I'd lay some ground rules for anyone in my social circle in case I haven't made it clear enough.

If you are going to treat disabled people, people who can't communicate to neurotypical "standards".. as a liability, you need to fuck off.

Showing only care to that one needs to be able to "effectively communicate" to be a world leader as a dismissal of like how Biden struggles with his speech, that he's obviously a "liability".. do you even hear yourself?

This is what like what every autistic person, what every ADHD person, what so much of neurodivergent folks have used against them as justification why they're "unsuitable".

Neurotypical society is fucking bullshit.

Me being forced all my childhood to have speech and language therapy for other people's sake. Me being forced to give people eye contact, for other people's sake. What about my own sake? The way it affects me just doesn't matter right?

People think effective communication needs people to be verbal, and to be able to be up to neurotypical "coherent" standards.

How the fuck can world leaders come together knowing squat all of each other's languages besides maybe the hola here, bonjour there, ahoj over there. How do they even do it?

Technology is a fantastic tool. You have the technology to break down language barriers. Why are the only language barriers your toxic neurotypical mindset has an issue with, calling a person "unsuitable" because of, is when it comes to disabled people?

Oh but, but, but...

All these fucking things you go on about as justifications to what SO much of this society, right left and center say about why someone not being able to talk in the same capacity as you, are unfit for a job..

It is a rewriting of the exact same talking points used against people that struggle walking are can't at all.

You wouldn't say someone is unfit for being a world leader because they're in a wheelchair right?

"Oh but they need to be able to be mobile at minute's notice".

Wheelchairs.. technology.. it's an amazing thing.

Why is speech any different?

Many people that are even non verbal you can effectively communicate if the aids are there to help make that communication accessing. And world leaders communicating among each other just proves it.

Don't be fucking ableist. Have a check up on the things you're saying and thinking because ableism is engrained heavily in neurotypical society.. disguised via talking points too kuch people see as being "reasonable" and "common sense".

Check up on your bigotry and do fucking better people. It shows so much when it's a person you dislike.

Whether that is to Biden's stutter, or to when Trump slipped up with "Thighland".. and immediately corrected.

The mockery y'all make of these things is fucking disgusting.

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Big vent, trauma dumping so on, drama. 1/5 

I'm just so confused in how to feel, how to make of anything right now.

Sooo.. September 2020 I start talking to this friend and get very close. They in January make me realise I'm demiromantic.

January I have this other friendship start, whom I helped them realise they're a lot like me sexuality/romantic/gender wise. Later on this friendship becomes supportive through the first friendship becoming emotionally abusive.

That first friendship becomes just distanced but still, talking terms and all and well sharing cute posts and all to eachother terms.

April, I'm talking more to that second friend more amd more on one Fecebook messenger. And just as I'm starting to feel closer to that friend, they suddenly say we can't talk anymore and all and bam they deactivate.

Few things happen from me just not being in a right state of mind that I'm not talking about here.

Couple nights after they come message me on Instagram, say family discovered their Facebook or something and the friendships and so, the reasoning behind that sudden break in contact.

We back talking, though not without me saying what went on and things. And that friendship just carries on from their growing stronger and actually all about Miraculous, they become my Miraculous friend because they love Miraculous, I love Miraculous, do it was non stop Miraculous, as well as non stop Zepeto and Picrew too.

Late May comes up, still talking terms with the first friend.. well until I fall out with them over transphobia that just was the final nail in what had been bad dreams for ages and doubt.. that I didn't want answered as right.

I was then like whatever at that point, disappointed as hell and of course upset but at least I had that second friend who I'd grown closer to a lot.

June comes up, I choose to have my character Mili come out as bigender, bisexual and aromantic, going by pronouns she/her and ze/zir partially out of spite of that first friend that Mili is based on.. though also as to give Mili more of zir own identity not so tied to that friend.

Throughout the summer, talking to that second friend. Though start of August they have to disappear again, deactivate their Instagram. Asked me out of the blue how to. I say as just no point not saying. Don't ask why, because I understood, well thought I did, family, it not being safe for them.

Two weeks later, they reactivate, only intended as temporary, to ask me something, which I honestly can't talk about what but it really felt like a punch.. which I didn't realise so much then but I do now.

They intended to go just after but then discover you have to wait a week to deactivate again after reactivating. So.. I'm talking everything Miraculous back as before with them for a week.. and then 7 days pass and bam just suddenly in the middle of talking, they deactivate. And that's the last I hear.

Heck I shouldn't of been surprised that heck that whole summer of talking was more than it originally was going to be until they started talking to me on Instagram, which again actually I'm sure they asked me things then, and just thought to continue talking and everything. But just, it did sting a lot.

But I've since that been at the feeling well actually I hope you don't come back, as I want to keep in my mind a memory of them that brings me joy, and well yes.. that friendship, it kind of still does, their Zepeto characters I created them, where they had two sides, a kitty and a devilish side, it still brings smiles, and I want to keep that.

Though I couldn't keep featuring their characters in posts, as it just felt off.

My character of Red Riding Hood, which I created back when I first started using Zepeto because well every wolf needs their own Red Riding Hood. October, I gave Red a devilish new look, the look she has now.. that felt so good, kind of taking the place of what my friend's devilish character had, which did soften the blow there with not wanting to use said characters anymore because it just felt off...

September, October, November, I'm just busy invested back in doing website stuff, completely reworking the PHP scripts and my whole server setup and everything as I was changing from my dedicated server I'd used previously since Nov 2019, to my VPS I now use for that stuff. (Run this instance currently on Oracle Cloud).

December, I get back fully invested in Miraculous fanfics again and just everything, which had me occupied until middle January when I had the thing I just didn't think would happen happen.

I had an 'altercation' with the admin of yesterday. We blocked the domain from .art while investigating harassment, abuse, queerphobia, racism. The admin emailed me, said they'd be happy to action receipts. I sent a long friendly email back, ran through a bunch of points, said ideally we can work towards removing the block because I didn't want to block a left-leaning antifascist instance that was providing a safe space for people, said we were working-

advising all admins to defederate from misskey-forkbomb[.]cf and * as these domains are being used to serve an exploit that causes misskey servers to enter an infinite loop, wasting resources and lagging the instance

id also STRONGLY advise defederating mastodong[.]lol, as that instance is operated by the malicious party responsible for the exploit and was used to trigger it (hxxps://mastodong[.]lol/[@]lamp/109436430029496536), so it may be used in similar ways by future "endeavors"

the exploit works by serving a malicious activitypub actor that references itself as featured, causing misskey to infinitely try to resolve this same url forever

misskey admins affected by the exploit should, after blocking the domains, stop misskey, clear redis in order to reset the job queue, and start it up again

that said, now that this is out there, there will unfortunately be copycats, but hopefully these instructions help until a fix is available...


Okay going onto a said forum that's been a favourite since this time 2015, to be met with a notable user calling the past 3 years a panicdemic.. agreeing with another there that's a fricken anti-vaxxer that believes in the fucking shit all of them seem to, regarding autism and vaccines, not what I needed to see going on..

Said person got covid 3x. Yea say to people with long covid and lost loved ones that it's a panicdemic. Go ahead..

The racist museum of abuse thread. Read if white 🙃 

I have not gotten this much racist abuse since joining the fediverse. I have gotten isolated cases of harassment on twitter but nothing of this scale or as pervasive. The fediverse is racist and white people do nothing about it. Let's start with some slurs to hook you up.

Let's see if any of you white people can stomach this thread 🙂​

Louis Rossman giving light of day to Elon regarding the possibility of a Tesla Phone, calling that a win for tech freedom?

A bad person may do one good thing, but that doesn't make them not a bad person! Fuck that nazi enabler and fuck you too Louis.

"Regardless of what you think" / "think of him as you will".. when will techbros ever stop being neutral with fascists?

Well I'm never buying anything Anker again o.o Shame, they have good products, but ummm.. privacy violating with their Eufy cameras, uploading to the cloud without consent when they advertise no cloud too? yikessssssss...

Hello people of the Fediverse! Some of you may have heard that a new Mastodon client, Ivory,  is in development for iOS (and Mac!). This is true! Tapbots is going all in on Mastodon and we hope this place continues to grow and thrive. Tweetbot will continue to be developed alongside Ivory as a lot of code is shared. A new Mac version of Tweetbot and Ivory are also currently in development and we are working hard on getting those towards a public beta state.

Single-handedly one of the funniest things that lives rent-free in my head. #BrandsTown


Did you know that MSN actually stood for "Mastodon Social Network"?

well now you know! (...or something, idk)

Last filter I added to my filters that filters by username that works was around 13th Oct. Sooooo whatever has been done to the filtering in builds later than then has botched things up.

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Annnnnd the filtering is weirdly not working for usernames and display names. Existing filters I have set up are, but new filters are not.

They work perfectly in the body.

For example, temporarily add to your filter, not as a whole word, "jase", to filter my account by the username, or do the domain too you could.

It should be working. However I'm noticing it's not just my instance this isn't working on. .coffee it's not working on either..

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Unfortunately I have to stop actively working on #Metatext for a while due to health issues. I really wish I could implement Mastodon 4 features and squash every bug, but it's not possible for me to do so right now.

I know the app has become important to a lot people, so I'm open to a new maintainer who can carry on its values of privacy and accessibility taking it over if there's interest and a fit. Email if you (or your organization) are interested

Here is your regular reminder that the largest group that speaks about autistic people, autism speaks, is a hate group that wants to "cure" us. They are actively supported by many places, like Twitch.

Don't just not donate, actively call them out whenever you see them for the hate group they are. They are where that blue puzzle piece comes from. So call out that symbol whenever you see it too.

This is a symbol that actively means not only am I not safe but I am in a space that is actively targeting me.

#ActuallyAutistic @actuallyautistic #Twitch

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