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Friendly reminder that using those 'fancy text' generators to make your name or the text in your posts all pretty makes them inaccessible to screen reader users. They can also be a pain to read visually.
to you, they're just cute lettering you can just skip over. For a screen reader user like me, depending on various things, they could come out as
'mathematical small bold k mathematical small bold a mathematical small bold r mathematical small bold a',
'letter 126b letter 17dj letter 13y7dwiz'
or nothing at all.
I'm not sure off the top of my head how they appear on a Braille display but it's bound to be a right mess.
I don't particularly call any of those pretty, do you?
Plain boring text that is accessible to everyone is the new pretty.
#a11y #accessibility

Social services rant, harassment from a social worker I suddenly apparently have since December, after they left me without a social worker for 5 years. 

Phoned me repeatedly on one nunber. I block that nunber. They phone my other nunber. I block that. They try the hide caller ID trick. I don't pick up private callers.

They texted. They emailed. They called repeatedly my mum's three numbers, emailed my mum, texted my mum. They posted letters. They got my sibling's social worker, who we don't like either how their behaviour is, to try get us to contact and so on and when they turned up earlier, they came with that social worker. That social worker knows I'm non-binary and I don't go by that name. But they still refer to me by that name and misgender because they don't care.

They just know absolutely no damn boundaries.

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Social services rant, harassment from a social worker I suddenly apparently have since December, after they left me without a social worker for 5 years. 

Social services is so fricking exhausting.

On one side there's my sibling who's social worker is repeatedly doing what's supposed to be an ANNUAL review meeting pretty much every couple weeks at least. Just can't leave alone.

On the other side there's me, who the last time from what I knew that I had a social worker was back in 2018.

They left me alone hadn't contacted me since. Until December when I had a random number calling and left a voice mail from who's apparently suddenly my social worker now saying about annual review.

Because 5 years is indeed annual...

And it's been constant them trying to do every fricken form of communication with me. And today they turned up at the door, in which just tipped me over the edge.

What also I absolutely have been refusing to acknowledge because of besides that this is a fricken insult that it's been 5 YEARS, and I could be the other side of the damn world for all they know.. I've changed my name since.. and that's one thing that they would have knowledge about if it wasn't for that 5 years of no contact from them.

Called up and spoke to the office to tldr tell them to put an end to this, that I have absolutely no interest in being involved with that social worker, that this is insulting. That I don't know what on earth is up with their system but last time from my knowledge of having a social worker involved with me being 5 years ago and then all of a sudden 5 years later I apparently have a social workwr again who is like seemingly pretending 5 fricken years hasn't happened and just harassing til I cave and have enough and let them in?

Absolutely disgusting to treat people like this. And it'll be so bad if they continue despite being told to stop, well as if it wasn't already bad that there's not even an ounce of acknowledgement that hey MAYBE people aren't interested in your uncalled for booty calls half a decade later after you abandoned them.

Yea, back then, I wasn't exactly easy to see.. to talk to, but that doesn't excuse them shutting me out for half a decade and then be here harassing now. They're fricken meant to be there as support, not to fricken police.

mentions of alt-right, gamergate, kek, Nazis If 'Kek' is used with the frog, it is clearly referencing the alt-right meme (which to the alt-right was a reference both to the pepe meme that had become popular on 4chan, and the Egyptian god Kek (which was a gaming reference because many of the alt-right were radicalised during gamergate). Kek of course had the head of a frog (but also sometimes a cat, but the alt-right 4channers focused on the frog version).

Modern day Nazis are very strange, deliberately, because they know it makes talking about them sound ridiculous. It also gives them cover to pretend they are 'only joking' so people give them the benefit of the doubt.


arm trans people? what about risc-v trans people. powerpc trans people, even

Magicians 🤝 a rabbit
being able to appear suddenly

To whoever stole my copy of Microsoft Office, I will find you. You have my Word. #DadJokes #BadJokesOnly

PayPal did a shitty thing and ban my account saying it’s going against their terms and conditions even though I was just using for donations. I will work on refunding everyone if possible.
I’m a black, disabled non-binary lesbian and I need desperate help or I could die on the streets. My condition is worsening and I can’t feed, dress, bathe myself. Please contribute to getting me an apartment

GoFundMe link:

Rooster Teeth, queerphobia 

Me: gets into RWBY as much as I am into Miraculous.
Rooster Teeth: news comes alight of their queerphobia.

:blobfacepalm: When will those behind awesome works of art stop being bigoted asses.

Them be like please support us, stop illegally watching our stuff. Also them.. pulls that shit.

Is there any wonder we fricken do so? That it's hard to trust?

Love Rwby so much, like I do with Miraculous, but Rooster Teeth and Disney, absolutely asshole of companies. Though when is any company not an asshole anyway. But that transphobic and homophobic work environment Rooster Teeth enabled for years, slurs and nicknames associated with said slurs and all.. just absolutely yikes.

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